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Stromswold; Chester E.
Nashua, NH
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6366627 Compressive receiver with frequency expansion April 2, 2002
A compressive receiver including a dispersive delay line (10) and a frequency translator (16, 18) is preceded by signal compressors (22a-d) that record the incoming signals at one speed and play them back at a higher speed. This increases the frequency spread and provides greater fre
5343207 Real-time wide-band compressive-receiver system August 30, 1994
The input ports (18) of an imaging compressive receiver (20) receive from a tapped delay line (16) progressively delayed versions of a received signal s(t). Because of the delays, a signal component in the received signal appears at least at one of the input ports (18) of the compressive
4808950 Electromagnetic dispersive delay line February 28, 1989
An electromagnetic dispersive delay line (10) includes a dielectric strip (28) as well as a coupler (24, 34, 36, and 38) for launching surface electromagnetic waves into the dielectric strip. The upper surface of the dielectric strip (28) is left exposed to the air in order to provide an
4733237 FM/chirp detector/analyzer and method March 22, 1988
A device for determining the frequency range and chirp rate of chirp radars or other sources of frequency-modulated signals includes a compressive receiver (16, 22, 24) for time-compressing single-frequency signals and a discriminator (26) for generating an output that represents the
4688003 Feed-forward error correction for sandaps and other phase-locked loops August 18, 1987
A signal source in the general form of a phase-locked loop (12, 20, 22, and 24) has its output fed to a phase modulator (32) controlled in response to the output of the phase-locked-loop phase detector (20). This provides feed-forward error correction that gives the signal source a faste
4656642 Spread-spectrum detection system for a multi-element antenna April 7, 1987
In a spread-spectrum direction-finding system, the outputs of the several antenna elements (10a-d) are progressively translated in frequency by a chirped local oscillator (14) and mixers (12a-d) and applied to a two-dimensional dispersive filter (18), which time compresses the results
4633257 Acquisition system employing circular array December 30, 1986
A system for indicating the direction of a source of radio waves received by a circular antenna array (12) includes a Butler matrix (18) that receives the array outputs and feeds the resultant matrix outputs to correction circuits (22) whose transfer functions are the inverses of the
4604626 Acquisition system employing circular array August 5, 1986
A phase-angle circuit (24) processes the outputs of an antenna array (12) to apply to a compressive receiver (20) an ensemble of signals having components whose spatial frequencies are proportional to the bearing angle of the electromagnetic plane waves that give rise to them. A signal w
4336511 Method and apparatus for increasing the sweep rate of a linearly swept frequency oscillator June 22, 1982
The sweep rate of a linearly swept frequency generator is increased while maintaining strict linearity by artificially increasing the number of zero axis crossings of the output signal from a linearly swept voltage controlled oscillator over those that would naturally occur during a
4305159 Compressive receiver December 8, 1981
The envelope detector of a compressive receiver is replaced with either a Fourier Transform device or a demodulator such that the output of the dispersive delay line utilized in the receiver is processed to yield the spectrum of the incoming signals and/or the modulation impressed on the
4247939 Spread spectrum detector January 27, 1981
A spread spectrum detector utilizes compressive receiver techniques and squaring of the incoming signal to detect the presence of a spread spectrum signal and to obtain its center frequency, with the squaring cancelling the pseudo-random code. Once having determined the center freque

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