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Stridsberg; Lennart
Enskede, SE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D342748 Component mounting machine December 28, 1993
D342533 Component mounting machine December 21, 1993
6740002 Hybrid powertrain May 25, 2004
A method and an apparatus control a car equipped with an automatic transmission having a lockup clutch. When the lockup clutch is in the lockup state, a variation of a generated torque is detected. When the range of the torque variation detected exceeds a predetermined value, an engi
6630659 Position transducer October 7, 2003
A compact position and velocity transducer having a high speed resolution and a fast speed response and that does not place much demand on the precision of the bearings. The transducer includes an optical encoder that, when assembled in motors, is assembled on a short protruding part of
6191415 Position transducer February 20, 2001
A position transducer has a moving modulating portion that can move to various positions through rotation, for example. The position transducer provides at least one analog signal that varies periodically with the moving position of the modulating portion, where the movement of the m
6172359 Position transducer January 9, 2001
An encoder disc (101) of an optical position transducer is mounted on a short protruding part (102a) of a rotor (102) of an electric motor close to torque creating parts. One part of the optical system, normally the light emitter part (108, 115), is insertable between the rotor (102) and
6084234 Position transducer July 4, 2000
A position transducer is provided that includes an encoder disc and at least two detector devices arranged to read at least one track on the encoder disc having low resolution in order to produce position signals. The detector devices each provide position signals to a processing device
5998783 Heat protected position transducer in an electric motor December 7, 1999
An encoder disc (101) of an optical position transducer is mounted on a short protruding part (102a) of a rotor (102) of an electric motor close to torque creating parts. One part of the optical system, normally the light emitter part (108, 115), is insertable between the rotor (102) and
5917259 Coupling of an electric motor to a load June 29, 1999
An improved connection coupling for providing rotary motion from an electric motor rotor to a load wherein a mechanical coupling element is attached to an end of the rotor and to the shaft of the load. The free end of the rotor includes a cavity which extends axially from the end surface
5751089 Brushless DC motors/generators May 12, 1998
In a rotational/linear brushless DC motor/generator the rotor/slide has many equally spaced permanent magnet poles of alternating polarity and it has no or few magnetically permeable iron parts. These magnets cover typically slightly more than half the pole pitch in trapezoidal embod
5558504 Magnetostrictive pump for applying pastes and adhesives September 24, 1996
A device is proposed for applying material such as solder paste and glue in discrete points, particularly for applying solder paste on electronic circuit boards. The device comprises a pump house (202-205; 301, 307), a tube or a channel (206) by means of which material is fed to the pump
5442250 Electric power train for vehicles August 15, 1995
High torque brushless motors are proposed which have low weight and high efficiency. The permanent magnet rotor has many equally spaced poles of alternating polarity. The stator has a plurality of pole groups, each pole group have a plurality of poles with the same pitch as the rotor pol
5012874 Movable tool head for mounting machines and a rotatable, axially movable shaft therefor May 7, 1991
The present invention relates to a tool head being movable between a component supply and a place, where a component is to be mounted. The tool head comprises a tool shaft (1). This can rotate in relation to the base structure of said tool head and is also axially displaceable in relatio
4727645 Device for surface mounting of components March 1, 1988
The invention relates to an apparatus for surface mounting of components (201) on a support (106). The arrangement comprises a positioning device )102, 103, 104) for holding and moving the components to a mounting position relative to the support. A centering arrangement of two compo
4670976 Cassette magazine for a component mounting machine June 9, 1987
A cassette magazine for a component mounting machine. This machine comprises a driving member (34) for a number of reels (7) which are insertable into the magazine and which carry components enclosed in a carrier tape (2) wound on each reel. The reels are arranged in standing positio
4638232 Method and apparatus for calibrating a positioning system January 20, 1987
The invention relates to a method and an apparatus for calibrating a positioning system including a control computer (1405) for producing command value signals to a positioning apparatus which positions an object against a work surface. Sensors (1406,1407) detect the location of the

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