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Stratton; Donald W.
St. John, IN
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE29392 Windshield wiper blade structure September 13, 1977
A windshield assembly for a curved windshield, including a pressure distributing superstructure having claws adapted to engage a blade structure at longitudinally spaced positions, together with a blade structure including a flexible holder having a pair of laterally opening slots fo
4793020 Noise insulator for windshield wiper blade assembly December 27, 1988
According to the invention, a resilient element is disposed between interconnected elements on a windshield wiper blade assembly such as cooperating primary and secondary yokes and a wiper blade element. Preferably the resilient element is a tape with a pressure sensitive adhesive ba
4264998 Windshield wiper flexor May 5, 1981
In a wiper assembly (10) for a windshield, a window, a headlight, or the like, including a flexor (20) for a resilient wiping element (21) having laterally extending tabs (45,46) and lateral indents (55,56) defined on the flexor by the lateral edges (33,34) thereof. A plurality of such
4050832 Windshield wiper pivot arm connection September 27, 1977
The invention relates to a wiper arm assembly having a mounting head with a socket adapted to receive a drive burr of an oscillatable pivot shaft, an arm pivotally connected to the mounting head and spring means connected between the mounting head and the arm so as to press the arm towar
3939525 Locking plate for adjustable arms February 24, 1976
A windshield wiper arm is provided with an adjustable extension which is positively locked in a preselected position by a non-metallic shim urged against a portion of said extension by an eccentric or cam-actuated lever.

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