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Strasser; Andreas
Rudersberg, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7886839 Hand-held power tool with improved vibration-damped handle February 15, 2011
The hand-held power tool has a vibration-damped main handle. The hand-held power tool has a device for fastening the main handle to a main element configured so that when the main element moves out of a stationary position toward the main handle the main element swivels around at least
7818141 Vibration dosimeter and method for determining the daily vibration exposure October 19, 2010
The invention relates to a vibration dosimeter (2) and a method for determining the daily vibrational loading of persons who are exposed to mechanical oscillations at their place of work due to the operation of a work means and in particular of a manually operated electronic tool (4,
7636516 Machine tool and method for operating a machine tool December 22, 2009
The invention relates to a machine tool comprising an electric motor (2) which serves to drive a tool and which has an adjustable, electric brush arrangement (3), and comprising a mode selector switch (6) having various switch positions. Provision is made for an adjusting device (8) to
7628219 Handle with detecting unit December 8, 2009
A handle for an electric hand tool, which in use, is detachably connected to the hand tool as an auxiliary handle (2), includes at least one detection device (6), which communicates with at least one regulating and/or control element in the electric hand tool through a contactless si
7527272 Chuck May 5, 2009
A chuck is described, in particular for a hammer drill or chisel hammer, having a chuck body having an insertion opening for holding a tool shank, and a locking element for axially locking the tool shank in the insertion opening, the locking element being movable between a locked positio
7497272 Hand-held power tool March 3, 2009
A hand-held power tool, in particular a rotary hammer, is indicated that includes a machine housing (10) with a tool fitting (12) integrated therein, the tool fitting (12) being rotatably drivable in a first mode and being non-rotatably fixable on the machine housing (10) in a second
6971651 Device for sealing a space December 6, 2005
In a multi-chamber device a chamber with lubricant is sealed off on a rotationally drivable component from a second chamber at a peg of a power tool, by at least one seal sliding at a contact face, and least one stationary component is provided in the chamber with lubricant before the
6918728 Circlip July 19, 2005
A snap ring for shafts or bores is proposed, which is able to be axially fixed in position by snapping into place in a circumferential groove. The snap ring is provided with a centering ring which, when the case of the snap ring is installed in the circumferential groove, extends with ra
6863479 Supplemental handle March 8, 2005
A supplemental handle for a hand-held machining tool (18), has at least one grip element (10, 12, 14, 16) that is connectable with a housing (26) of the hand-held machine (18) by means of an insulating device (20, 22, 24) for insulating oscillations. The insulating device (20, 22, 24) in
6666283 Hand held power tool December 23, 2003
A hand power tool has at least one safety coupling arranged in a drive train, the safety coupling having at least two coupling elements for transmitting a torque around a rotary axis, at least one arresting element which is spring loaded and held in a guiding passage for connecting the
6527280 Hand held power tool March 4, 2003
A hand held power tool formed as a hammer drill has a strikingly drivable tool holder having a base body, at least one locking body with which the base body is form-lockingly connectable and through which the base body is fixable in a rotary direction in at least two positions, the locki
6116352 Drilling and/or percussion power tool September 12, 2000
A drilling and a percussion power tool and the tool holder, a housing, an air cushion percussion mechanism arranged in the housing and including a guiding tube, a piston reciprocating in the guiding tool, a striker reciprocating in the guiding tube, an air cushion chamber formed on the

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