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Strand; Olaf
Porsgrunn, NO
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5350239 Suspension and venting September 27, 1994
A flexible intermediate bulk container has a liner which is provided with one or more hollow suspension members for fastening the liner to an outer container in correct relative position. The suspension means members form vents for expulsion of air from the liner during and subsequent to
5192133 Flexible container with improved bottom and top March 9, 1993
The present invention relates to a flexible intermediate bulk container (FIBC) for transportation, storage and lifting of bulk material. The container has improved bottom and top construction, and it comprises a hose shape blank made from a round woven fabric or from at least one piece
5151076 Manufacturing method for a flexible container September 29, 1992
A flexible container for lifting transportation and storing of bulk material is manufactured from a hose-like blank, where one half-length portion of the hose-like blank is turned inside out and threaded onto or fitted over the other half-length portion form an inner sack and an outer
5002400 Container for lifting, transportation and storage of bulk material March 26, 1991
A flexible container is formed from a hose-like blank having two diametrically opposite longitudinal slots or holes and at least one intermediate slot or hole. One half of the hose-like blank is inserted through the intermediate slot in such way that one inner sack, one outer sack an
4991979 Flexible intermediate bulk container with means for partly of complete discharge February 12, 1991
A flexible intermediate bulk container includes at least one lifting loop and a double base made of two bottom parts that can be direct extensions of sidewalls of the container. The bottom parts have openings positioned directly one above the other, thus forming an opening in the base. I
4925317 Flexible container having improved lifting loops May 15, 1990
A flexible intermediate container has at least one improved lifting loop formed by joining integral extensions of a side wall structures. The extensions are at their upper free ends cut to form at least two flaps which are positioned above or below the extensions on both sides of a f
4467845 Method and means for filling of bulk material in flexible containers August 28, 1984
The invention relates to a method and means for filling of bulk material, especially fluidized material, is filled into a flexible container through a filling pipe while the container is hanging on a double, load carrying hook and simultaneously is resting against a supporting plate. Lif
4420021 Method and apparatus for filling of flexible containers December 13, 1983
A method and an apparatus for filling bulk material into flexible containers. The filling is carried out through a filling pipe or spout while the container is hanging on a hook. The impervious part of the container, which may be in form of an inner bag, is fastened around the spout

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