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Stoltman; Donald D.
Henrietta, NY
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5491976 Vehicle emission air injection February 20, 1996
A valve for an automotive vehicle emission system is provided which includes a valve housing with an inlet communicating the valve housing with an air pump; an outlet fluidly communicating the valve with a catalytic converter, the outlet having a check valve preventing flow from an e
5353591 Exhaust heating control October 11, 1994
Control of a fuel rate and an air rate delivered to an exhaust gas heater over successive control periods by determining and periodically updating a desired heater air quantity and a desired heater air/fuel ratio, by commanding an air rate in accord with the desired heater air quantity,
5353590 Exhaust heating control October 11, 1994
Control of a fuel quantity and an air quantity delivered to an exhaust gas heater is provided by determining a desired heater air quantity and a desired heater air/fuel ratio both of which may vary over multiple control states, by commanding an air rate in accord with the desired heater
5234024 Differential pressure regulator August 10, 1993
A fuel pressure regulator controls the pressure differential across a nozzle which is subject to variations in exhaust gas backpressure having a solenoid actuated valve member which is actuable in response to signals from a controller to establish a predetermined fuel pressure across the
5163706 Electro-hydraulic pressure regulating valve assembly for a hydraulic damper November 17, 1992
A pressure regulating valve assembly includes a valve body mounting an electric solenoid assembly. The solenoid assembly controls the fluid pressure in a chamber defined in the valve body. Fluid in the chamber is biased against a deflectable disc which controls fluid flow through the
5150696 Adaptive memory control for normalized dilution September 29, 1992
An internal combustion engine air-fuel ratio control method and apparatus wherein a most favorable parameter selected from the group consisting of air, fuel, and recirculated exhaust gas is adjusted in response to detected deviation of the air-fuel ratio away from the desired ratio.
5119793 Fuel injection June 9, 1992
A single fuel metering valve directs fuel to a plurality of charge delivery injectors.
5082184 Fuel injection January 21, 1992
In a fuel injection system for a multi-cylinder internal combustion engine, a plurality of injection nozzles discharge fuel adjacent the engine inlet ports, and a single injector meters the fuel to all of the injection nozzles. The injector may include an annular valve surface, a plurali
5029570 Exhaust gas recirculation control July 9, 1991
A method for recalibration of parametric relationships used in exhaust gas recirculation EGR control. When such recirculation would typically be inactive, relationships between parameters are measured, such relationships being normally measurable only with inactive EGR. New informati
5013930 Remote control lever module May 7, 1991
A remote control lever module comprising a support including a bearing and a lever including a shaft pivotably supported by the bearing for oscillation about the shaft axis between a nonactuating position and actuating positions. The lever further includes an actuating arm extending
5004162 Solenoid actuated valve assembly April 2, 1991
In an injector adapted to deliver a charge of fuel and air directly into the combustion chamber of a two-stroke cycle engine, a single solenoid coil has an armature mechanism that sequentially opens both a fuel metering valve and a charge delivery valve.
4958773 Fuel injection September 25, 1990
An injector has a single tapered valve controlling fuel flow to a plurality of outlet passages. The entrance to each outlet passage has an orifice surrounded by a raised valve seat. Each valve seat is separated from the other valve seats by a recessed space. The valve pivots as it is dis
4721176 Vehicle traction control system January 26, 1988
This invention relates to a traction control system for a vehicle that combines the control of both air and fuel delivered to the vehicle engine for limiting the slip of the vehicle driven wheels.
4693275 Electro-hydraulic pressure regulating valve September 15, 1987
An electro-hydraulic pressure regulating valve including a control pressure chamber, an annular supply pressure port connected to the control pressure chamber and having a first seat area, an annular exhaust port connected to the control pressure chamber and having a second seat area equ
4676273 Electro-hydraulic pressure regulating valve June 30, 1987
An electro-hydraulic pressure regulating valve including a tubular valve body, a partition in the valve body dividing the latter into a valve chamber and a solenoid chamber, a valve sleeve in the valve chamber with a piston slidable in the sleeve and defining a bias pressure chamber betw
4640248 Failsafe drive-by-wire engine controller February 3, 1987
A drive-by-wire engine control system in which the engine is set to an idle operating mode when the force applied to the accelerator pedal is zero even though the accelerator pedal is in an off-idle position.
4621772 Electromagnetic fuel injector with thin orifice director plate November 11, 1986
An electromagnetic fuel injector has a thin orifice director plate, mounted downstream of the orifice passage defined when the solenoid actuated valve of the injector is in the open position relative to its associated valve seat, for controlling static flow from the injector. The thin or
4572436 Electromagnetic fuel injector with tapered armature/valve February 25, 1986
An electromagnetic fuel injector is provided with a tapered armature valve plate operatively positioned by means of a locator so that it is arranged so as to, in effect, pivot from a spring biased position at which it seats against a valve seat associated with a plurality of orifice disc
4513775 Pressure regulator April 30, 1985
A pressure regulator assembly, suitable for controlling the flow of compressed natural gas to fuel an internal combustion engine, has a small primary valve positioned by a regulator diaphragm to control the flow at high supply pressures and a large secondary valve to provide additional
4499879 Fuel supply system for an internal combustion engine February 19, 1985
A system for providing the fuel requirements of an engine based on an estimated value of the temperature of the intake region of the engine.
4474150 Valve assembly October 2, 1984
Induction air flow to an internal combustion engine is controlled or measured by a butterfly valve which extends into undercut recesses on opposite sides of the valve bore. The valve member rotates in excess of between its minimum air flow position and its maximum air flow
4463735 Dual fuel supply system August 7, 1984
A dual fuel supply system for an automotive engine has a fuel tank adapted to contain both methane and propane at pressures up to 17,000 kPa. A switching valve assembly directs methane to the engine fuel metering apparatus when the fuel tank pressure exceeds 1400 kPa and directs propane
4462259 Pressure transducer July 31, 1984
A pressure transducer of the manometer type comprises two interconnected columns of liquid with means for applying differential pressure across the columns. The liquid is a magnetic liquid and a magnetic field is impressed on the columns to attract the liquid by magnetic force to a refer
4445369 Hot film sensor for air flow meter May 1, 1984
To measure the mass air flow in the induction passage of an engine, a small venturi located centrally in the passage serves as an air sampling tube. A slotted aperture in the wall of the tube at the venturi throat allows a hot film sensor to extend into the venturi throat from a support
4421083 Engine air flow regulator December 20, 1983
A balanced dual valve member is positioned by a pressure responsive diaphragm and a solenoid reference device to provide an air flow through an engine throttle bypass passage which does not vary with changes in engine manifold pressure.
4399798 Exhaust gas recirculation control August 23, 1983
In an internal combustion engine, recirculation of exhaust gases is controlled to maintain the control pressure in a zone of the recirculation passage proportional to a reference pressure and thus to provide exhaust gas recirculation as a proportion of induction air flow. A duty cycle
4397289 Self-calibrating exhaust gas recirculation system August 9, 1983
A motor vehicle combustion engine has an exhaust gas recirculation system in which the flow of recirculated exhaust gas is controlled through an orifice having exhaust back pressure on one side and a control pressure on the other as determined by an EGR valve. A pressure transducer compa
4359031 Engine air flow responsive control November 16, 1982
An engine charge forming device controls the fuel metering orifice area in proportion to the throttled air flow area of the induction passage and controls the pressure drop across the fuel metering orifice in proportion to a vacuum signal which is substantially independent of the com
4346555 Exhaust air flow proportioning valve August 31, 1982
A valve controlling the rate of air flow from a supply pump to an engine exhaust system directs the air flow to the exhaust system through an orifice in a diaphragm valve which is associated with a valve seat separating the air supply from an excess air discharge port. The pressures
4321902 Engine control method March 30, 1982
During operation of an internal combustion engine at low temperatures, the carburetor choke is closed to the extent necessary to provide the fuel which will maintain the mean effective pressure of combustion equal to the mean effective pressure occurring during operation at normal temper
4318869 Carburetor March 9, 1982
In a carburetor, a linear motor assembly urges the metering apparatus against a biasing spring with a force related to the linear motor current, and an adjusting screw grounds a portion of the active turns of the biasing spring to vary its spring rate and thereby establish the position
4286562 Engine charge forming apparatus September 1, 1981
An engine charge forming device controls the fuel metering orifice area in proportion to the throttled air flow area of the induction passage and controls the pressure drop across the fuel metering orifice in proportion to a vacuum signal which is substantially independent of the com
4275697 Closed loop air-fuel ratio control system June 30, 1981
A command signal drives a carburetor metering valve to provide the carburetor fuel flow which will establish a desired air-fuel ratio; simultaneously, the command signal drives a control unit which purges fuel vapor from a fuel vapor storage region. The control unit minimizes purge f
4200073 Electronic throttle body fuel injection system April 29, 1980
An electronic throttle body fuel injection system in which a fuel pump delivers fuel at constant flow and pressure to a jet in a pressure controlled chamber which is continuously ported upstream of the jet discharge to a fuel nozzle in a throttle bore and is periodically ported to by
4196707 Exhaust gas recirculation control April 8, 1980
A regulating unit senses the pressures in two zones of a recirculation passage to create a control pressure, and a transducer regulates an operating pressure which positions a control valve to provide exhaust gas recirculation at rates which establish the pressures in the zones neces
4186703 Exhaust gas recirculation control February 5, 1980
A switching member simultaneously establishes a reference pressure and selects the pressure in one of two zones of a recirculation passage to create a control pressure, and a transducer regulates an operating pressure which positions a control valve to provide exhaust gas recirculati
4175103 Carburetor November 20, 1979
In a carburetor, an electromagnet energized according to a pulse width modulated duty cycle has a stationary pole member which drives a pair of magnetically responsive valves--one or both being permanently magnetic--to control fuel flow through a main metering orifice and air flow throug
4095570 Electronic engine control system and method of operation June 20, 1978
A system for positioning an engine control element has a sensor measuring a value corresponding to the actual position of the element, a reference providing a command value establishing the proper position for the element, an electronic control which compares the measured value with the
3978175 Engine air-fuel ratio control means August 31, 1976
An electromagnetic vacuum regulator responds to an electrical signal to supply a regulated vacuum output to vacuum sensitive air-fuel ratio control means in an engine carburetor, the air-fuel ratio control means providing a leaner air-fuel ratio with increasing manifold vacuum. The v
3958604 Control valve May 25, 1976
A hydraulic position servo system includes a primary control valve moved by a mechanical input which embodies a pintle laterally shiftable in a cylinder to differentially throttle two orifices to establish a variable control pressure.

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