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Stern; Brett
New York, NY
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6520937 Fluid injection device February 18, 2003
A catheter for use in vasculature or other body lumen includes a fluid injection bypass tube, leading to a elastically compressible pump bulb. Upon compression of the pump bulb, fluid such as contrast solution is injected through a one-way valve, into the catheter manifold lumen, and
5988426 Leakproof vented beverage lid November 23, 1999
A disposable plastic lid is formed with a vent hole. A filter formed of a hydrophobic material such as polytetrafluoraethylene is mounted over the vent hole. The pore size of the filter material is selected to allow for the free passage of air and to inhibit or block the passage of liqui
5569297 Selective vascular compression device October 29, 1996
The present invention provides a compression device for selectively applying compressive force to a localized area of interest on the surface of a body that is readily positioned and fastened in place. The device includes a resilient compressible element positioned on a relatively rigid
4645629 Method of manufacturing heat molding garments February 24, 1987
A method and apparatus for manufacturing a garment which is three dimensionally molded. The garment in the form of opposing sheets of fabric are fed from bolts of fabric to a molding station wherein a male mold section is provided in the shape of the three dimensional garment desired.

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