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Stella; Valentino
Lawrence, KS
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5985856 Water soluble prodrugs of secondary and tertiary amine containing drugs and methods of making th November 16, 1999
The present invention is drawn to water soluble derivatives aliphatic acid aromatic secondary and tertiary amine containing drugs. The present invention is further drawn to methods of making water soluble derivatives of aliphatic and aromatic secondary and tertiary amine containing drugs
5874418 Sulfoalkyl ether cyclodextrin based solid pharmaceutical formulations and their use February 23, 1999
Sulfoalkyl ether-cyclodextrin (SAE-CD) based pharmaceutical formulations are provided by the present invention. These formulations comprise SAE-CD derivatives and a therapeutic agent, a major portion of which is not complexed to the SAE-CD. The present formulations are advantageously
5874029 Methods for particle micronization and nanonization by recrystallization from organic solutions February 23, 1999
A method and an apparatus useful for the production of microparticles and nanoparticles are disclosed in which a compressed fluid and a solution including a solvent and a solute are introduced into a nozzle to produce a mixture. The mixture is then passed out of the nozzle to produce a s
5833891 Methods for a particle precipitation and coating using near-critical and supercritical antisolve November 10, 1998
Improved methods and apparatus for particle precipitation and coating using near- or supercritical fluid conditions are described. A fluid dispersion having a continuous phase dispersant and at least one precipitatable substance therein is contacted with a supercritical fluid (SCF) a
5134127 Derivatives of cyclodextrins exhibiting enhanced aqueous solubility and the use thereof July 28, 1992
Sulfoalkyl ether cyclodextrin derivatives and their use as solubilizing agents for water insoluble drugs for oral, intranasal, or parenteral administration are disclosed.
4980343 Aminooxodihydroisoindoloquinazoline carcinostatic agents December 25, 1990
Therapeutic compositions comprising the new derivatives of aminooxodihydroisoindolo-quinazoline of the formula ##STR1## are useful in inhibiting the growth of colon and rectal tumors.

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