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Steere, III; Robert E.
Boonton, NJ
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7240538 Hydro test apparatus and method for ammunition July 10, 2007
An apparatus for hydrotesting a hollow component includes a generally cylindrical main body having a bore therethrough that defines first and second open ends, the bore including a central axis;first and second end plates fixed to the main body for closing the first and second open ends,
6641464 Method and apparatus for polishing the edge of a bonded wafer November 4, 2003
A polishing bar is provided with a plurality of backings that are carried via blocks of impact absorbent material on a bar of greater stiffness. Each backing is shaped with two surfaces at an angle to each other. A polishing tape is disposed over the angled surfaces of each backing. The
6629875 Machine for grinding-polishing of a water edge October 7, 2003
The wafer edge processing unit may be a stand alone unit or may be incorporated in existing grinding machines. The processing unit employs a plurality of tapes which are coated with differing grades of grit to sequentially polish the edge of a rotating wafer or to remove an edge bead
6473987 Method for measuring wafer thickness November 5, 2002
A wafer edge grinding or polishing machine is provided with a pair of chucks for engaging a wafer therebetween, a fixed reference surface and a sensor which is movable with a movable chuck. Measurements are made by the sensor relative to the fixed reference plane when the movable chuck i
6306016 Wafer notch polishing machine and method of polishing an orientation notch in a wafer October 23, 2001
The notch polishing machine employs a plurality of polishing tapes which can be sequentially introduced into the notch of a wafer to polish both sides of the notch, i.e. the top and bottom surfaces. Each tape is pulled off a supply reel and passed into a mounting block sized to fit into
5331772 Seal assembly for a wafer grinding machine July 26, 1994
A seal assembly for a wafer grinding machine is mounted on a housing in which a grinding wheel is contained. The seal assembly is formed of a pair of flexible strips which are secured over an opening in a plate mounted on a housing enclosing the grinding wheel for sealingly engaging a re
5058328 Wafer centering assembly October 22, 1991
The wafer centering assembly includes a pair of pivot arms which can be pivoted simultaneously to adjust to the diameter of a conveyed wafer. Each pivot arm has a stop which arrest the motion of a wafer such that the axis of the wafer is approximately centered on the axis of a vacuum hea
5036628 Seal assembly for a wafer grinding machine August 6, 1991
A seal assembly is mounted within a grinding machine to separate a grinding wheel from the main portions of a wafer being ground. The seal assembly has a pair of free edges which are disposed to define a V-shaped gap through which the peripheral edge of the wafer passes into grinding
4970772 Wafer alignment fixture November 20, 1990
The wafer alignment fixture is provided with a pair of upstanding walls for mounting of a wafer cassette thereon as well as with a roller parallel to the walls to engage with the wafers of the cassette. Rotation of the roller causes the wafers in the cassette to rotate so as to move the

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