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Stab; Rudolf
Frankenthal, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7739951 Method and printing machine for producing a printed product with a number of inserts June 22, 2010
A printed product, with a number of inserts, is printed on a printing machine. The pages of the inserts are printed by the printing machine as product pages on the web. The web is then folded in a folder that is a part of the printing machine to thereby form at least one of the inserts
7442158 Folding apparatus October 28, 2008
A folding apparatus includes at least a first folding cylinder and a second, folding jaw cylinder. A third measuring cylinder is also provided. The measuring cylinder is usable to cut product sections or signatures of a determined length L from an endless web. The first cylinder is e
7351189 Cutting device for the transverse cutting of at least one material web April 1, 2008
A cutting device is used to accomplish the transverse cutting of at last one material web. The cutting device includes a transport cylinder that is arranged to form a first cutting gap in cooperation with a first transverse cutting device. The transport cylinder is also arranged with a
7311651 Transport device December 25, 2007
A transport or conveying device is used in a folding apparatus for transporting or conveying signatures. A transport or conveying cylinder, which carries the signatures, is placed in cooperative engagement with another cylinder. A position of a terminal end of a signature carried on
6902519 Folding device June 7, 2005
A folding device for use with a rotary printing press includes a folding-jaw cylinder and a folding blade cylinder. The folding blade cylinder is movable with respect to the folding-jaw cylinder between a working position where it cooperates with the folding-jaw cylinder and a rest p
6895858 Cylinder for a folder unit May 24, 2005
A collecting cylinder for a folder unit is provided with at least one disk cam that has peripheral switching depressions. These switching depressions can be covered by using an auxiliary curved trajectory which is created by a pivoting drive. Switching levers are selectively blocked or u
6321902 Method for dividing the flow of signatures November 27, 2001
A device for dividing the flow of signatures into two paths of signatures uses two cam rows and a stationary guide wedge. Two conveyor belt systems initially deliver the signatures to a leading edge of the guide wedge. This leading edge is provided with guide channels into and out of whi
6220427 Conveyor April 24, 2001
A displaceable conveyor is used to convey selected printed products to different destination points. A reversing device is positioned intermediate the different destination points and a rigid guide track. A partial guide path connects the reversing device with the rigid guide track.
6213461 Device for guiding printing products April 10, 2001
Printed products are guided from an infeed to a delivery belt by a plurality of partially overlapping paddle blades. The paddle blades are secured to an endless carrier such as a chain or a toothed belt. The printed products are deposited on the delivery belt in a smooth, gentle mann
6129352 Device for distributing a flow of signatures October 10, 2000
In a device comprised of two rotating cam rollers that are spaced apart from each other by a nip, which device is for distributing a flow of signatures, first and second conveyor belts are disposed so that they can be moved cyclically back and forth onto the guide face of a guide tab
6019714 Folding apparatus with signature divider February 1, 2000
A folding apparatus is used to cross-fold printed matter, particularly of variable section lengths. Damage to the printed products is avoided, even at high production speeds. This is accomplished by providing a signature divider after a transverse cutting device, and before two parallel
5950516 Device for adjusting a cutting stick for a cutting cylinder of a rotary press September 14, 1999
Cutting bars positioned on the peripheral surface of a cutting cylinder are shiftable circumferentially toward or away from each other to vary the lengths of signatures being produced when the folding apparatus is switched between collection and no collection production. The cutting bars
5899843 Folding table with movable detents and its method of operation May 4, 1999
A folding table for use in forming a third fold in a printed product, is provided with a plurality of detents that can be shifted into and out of the movement path of the product. Any accumulated paper remnants can be removed from the folding table when the detents, or selected ones of t
5803450 Device for conveying flat floppy products September 8, 1998
A device for conveying flat floppy products has an inlet conveyor belt with a constant velocity, an intermediate conveyor belt with a periodically changing velocity and an outlet conveyor belt with constant velocity. The intermediate conveyor belt causes a deceleration or acceleration of
5573231 Folding apparatus November 12, 1996
A folding apparatus for a rotary printing machine utilizes a plurality of belt guide systems to retain signatures against the surfaces of the collecting, folding and gripper cylinders of the folding apparatus. The position of a longitudinal folder or of a turning bar or bars can be s
5520378 Folding apparatus for rotary printing presses May 28, 1996
A folding apparatus for rotary printing presses uses at least a single stage speed reducing device between a collection cylinder and a folding blade cylinder to reduce the speed of travel of signatures before they are cross-folded. The reduction in the speed of travel of the signatures
5147276 Longitudinal folding device September 15, 1992
A longitudinal folding device for folding symmetrical and asymmetrical paper products has a folding blade and cooperating folding rollers whose positions with respect to each other can be varied. The folding blade or the folding roller pair can be shifted laterally with respect to a
5037076 Folder August 6, 1991
In the case of a folder with two production lines which each have a transverse folding means and a conveyor belt extending therefrom and of which at least one is provided with a longitudinal folding means having an associated conveyor belt running through it for the production of a secon
4995858 Device for halting sheet products February 26, 1991
A device for halting sheet products transported by a conveyor belt, comprising an abutment having a conveyor belt passing through it and an adjustable braking device placed ahead of the abutment. By this arrangement it is possible to ensure a high degree of convenience of operation a
4861326 Modular folding apparatus August 29, 1989
In a folding apparatus with a transverse cutting and transverse folding unit fed by a first longitudinal folding unit and with a second longitudinal folding unit followed by a delivery unit, simple development and expansion of the folding apparatus step by step is made possible by ar
4817932 Guide device April 4, 1989
In the context of a guide device for a narrowing gap between the two cylinders of a machine for processing sheet-like products, adapted to cooperate with each other during the transfer of the sheet-like products comprising a rotary member which is rotatably bearinged by means of late
4781367 Folding device with pivotable buckle chute roll November 1, 1988
In the context of a folding device comprising at least one transverse folding part which is supplied and discharged by feed tapes and is in the form of a buckle folder with a buckle passage flanked by two outer rolls cooperating with a center roll with the formation of feed nips, such
4629175 Method and apparatus for the stream feeding delivery of sheet products December 16, 1986
Sheet-like products coming off a folder are firstly transported some distance before being caused to overlap. In order to slow down the products to cause this to take place and to arrange them in a perfectly regular feed stream without being damaged, the products are engaged by gripp

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