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Spahn; Martin
Chicago, IL
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8290222 Systems and methods of image processing utilizing resizing of data October 16, 2012
An image processing system and method to resize image data from two sources of image data. The method includes receiving a first matrix of image data from a first detector and a second matrix of image data from a second detector. Detector-specific image correction is performed on the
8165360 X-ray identification of interventional tools April 24, 2012
A system and method enhance the visibility of medical devices shown in internal images. A medical device may be inserted into a patient. Internal images of the patient may then be acquired via various medical imaging techniques. However, the medical device may only be partially visib
8111895 Locally adaptive image enhancement for digital subtraction X-ray imaging February 7, 2012
A system and method provide local image enhancement. Internal native images of a patient may be acquired during an interventional procedure. A portion of the native images may show an interventional device or material. Subtracted images may be created by subtracting mask images from
8064715 Method for non-linear image processing, and a flat detector having a correction unit November 22, 2011
To improve the image quality of X-ray images recorded by way of flat detectors, a method for non-linear image processing is provided. An X-ray raw image which is read from a pixel matrix is converted to an X-ray image, wherein the pixel matrix contains pixel elements of a bit depth w
8031837 X-ray system including a wireless handheld monitoring unit October 4, 2011
For a simplified and particularly flexible control of an x-ray system having an x-ray source, an x-ray detector and a control and monitoring unit, the control and monitoring unit is designed to be mobile and portable and has means for controlling and monitoring the x-ray system. In p
7881555 Methods and systems for reducing bright burn in images February 1, 2011
A system and method to reduce bright burn in images, such as x-ray images. The reduction of bright burn may be accomplished by processing a received raw image to obtain a grey-value histogram. The raw image may be divided into a plurality of regions of interest, and an average signal of
7851736 Method and device for optimizing the image display on imaging apparatuses of a medical system du December 14, 2010
A method and a device for optimizing the image display on imaging apparatuses register whether an operator is looking at the imaging apparatus. The image display of the imaging apparatus is optimized, when it is registered that the operator is looking at the imaging apparatus and nam
7747058 Image processing method for windowing and/or dose control for medical diagnostic devices June 29, 2010
Image processing method for determining and setting an optimized windowing and/or dose control of a medical diagnostic device based on x-ray radiation. The digitized image consisting of a number of picture elements of an picture data matrix B originally created by an x-ray detector is
7622889 Solid state detector for recording X-ray images with photovoltaic power supply November 24, 2009
In order to simplify the usability of solid state detectors, in particular mobile and wireless solid state detectors, a solid state detector is disclosed for recording X-ray images. The detector includes a structurally integrated photovoltaic power supply device. According to one con
7622719 CMOS flat X-ray detector November 24, 2009
A large-area CMOS flat X-ray detector is disclosed. The detector includes a plurality of CMOS detector chips, mounted on a substrate with a butt joint. Two alternative embodiments of the CMOS detector chips are described. In the first embodiment, drive elements and read elements are
7589325 Method for recording a digital x-ray image, counting x-ray detector and x-ray system September 15, 2009
In order to extend the field of application of counting x-ray detectors, a method is disclosed for recording a digital x-ray image and a counting x-ray detector. The counting x-ray detector includes pixel readout units arranged in the matrix being to detect and count x-ray quanta and/or
7550728 Diagnosis device and diagnosis method for radiographic and nuclear medical examinations June 23, 2009
The invention relates to a diagnosis device for combined or combinable radiographic and nuclear medical examinations with: an x-ray source, an examination room for accommodating a patient, a gamma radiation source arranged in the body of a patient, a detector system for simultaneously
7492865 Method for generating at least one offset-corrected X-ray image February 17, 2009
In flat-panel X-ray detectors which have a multiplicity of detector elements which are in each case associated with one pixel of an X-ray image, the individual detectors generate offset signals. These offset signals are detected by recording offset images in which there is no X-ray i
7474735 Antiscatter grid for reducing a scattered radiation in an x-ray machine, and x-ray machine havin January 6, 2009
To prevent an imaging of an antiscatter grid particularly effectively, even in the case of dynamic applications, an antiscatter grid is disclosed for an X-ray detector which exhibits an active pixel matrix. The antiscatter grid, in at least one embodiment, includes absorbing laminas,
7474731 Systems and methods for adaptive image processing using acquisition data and calibration/model d January 6, 2009
A system and method in which image processing parameters that are used globally or which change locally within the image are adapted to improve image quality by using the acquisition parameters, image analysis data, and calibration/model data. Image processing parameters are established
7471767 Systems and methods for determining image acquisition parameters December 30, 2008
An x-ray imaging system that constantly evaluates and determines optimal image acquisition parameters, such as frame rate and pulse length, based on the application and motion detection during an x-ray acquisition scene, and applies optimal image acquisition parameters accordingly. The
7470910 Method and X ray detector December 30, 2008
In order to increase the imaging rate in the case of, in particular dynamic, X ray applications, a method for operating an X ray detector is provided. In one embodiment, the method includes applying an X radiation during an X ray time window and converting the X radiation into electric
7469038 Correction method for solid-state detectors and solid-state detector December 23, 2008
To guarantee a largely uncorrupted x-ray image for a solid-state detector with a pixel matrix featuring pixel elements comprising at least two plate elements arranged in one plane, whereby a first and a second plate element exhibit a displacement in relation to one another, a correction
7463715 System and method for real time dual energy x-ray image acquisition December 9, 2008
An improved system and method for using dual energy techniques for acquiring x-ray images in two and three dimensions is disclosed. An X-ray source and detector are mounted at opposite ends of a movable C-arm. A fast movement mechanism is provided to quickly and precisely move the C-
7453988 Multifunctional x-ray system and method for operating it November 18, 2008
To comply with radiation protection provisions that differ from one another for different operating functions without operational restrictions, a radiation protection system is provided in the case of a multifunctional x-ray system for a solid state detector assigned to the x-ray sys
7428294 Method for recording an X-ray image, and X-ray detector September 23, 2008
To speed up the availability of imaging data after the recording of an X-ray image, a method is disclosed. In the method, X-ray radiation emitted for an X-ray pulse duration is detected in an X-ray time window by an X-ray detector, and an X-ray image is recorded from it. Further, the
7427749 Method for correcting butting zone artifacts with an x-ray detector and an x-ray detector September 23, 2008
The invention relates to a method for correcting butting zone artifacts with an x-ray detector, which comprises a number of laminar detector modules arranged next to one another by forming a butting zone. To improve a known algorithm, it is proposed to determine a necessary correctio
7415097 Method for recording correction frames for high energy images August 19, 2008
It is proposed according to the invention to record, in an image recording device for recording X-ray images, offset frames for different operating modes of said device according to a current sequence, wherein said current sequence can, by taking into account a new sequence in a comp
7399974 Method, correction method and x-ray system July 15, 2008
For improved temperature-dependent correction, a method is provided for compiling a temperature-adjusted correction image for the electronic correction of a raw X-ray image recorded by an X-ray detector at a recording temperature. In at least one embodiment, the temperature-adjusted

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