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Smith; Richard A. G.
Epsom, GB2
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5334384 Process for purification of streptakinase using a reducing agent August 2, 1994
A process for the separation of streptokinase from contaminating proteins in a streptokinase-containing mixture, which comprises treating the mixture with a reducing agent to reduce disulphide bridges in the contaminating proteins to free thiol groups, contacting the mixture with a r
5302390 Hybrid proteins of human plasminogen and human t-PA, pharmaceutical compositions and methods of April 12, 1994
A hybrid plasminogen activator which comprises the five kringle domains of plasminogen linked to the B-chain of t-PA or u-PA via an amino acid sequence comprising, respectively, the t-PA cleavage site between residues 275 and 276 and the cysteine residue 264 of t-PA or the u-PA cleavage

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