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Sinesi; Sabino
Piossasco, IT
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7182482 Light device, particularly a light panel for road signs or information to the public, or a motor February 27, 2007
A light device, for example in the form of a light panel for road signals or in the form of a motor-vehicle light, comprises an array of light sources, such as LEDs or the like. Associated to each light source is an optical system consisting of a refractive lens of a plane-convex type
6761475 Lighting device, particularly a motor vehicle light or emergency light July 13, 2004
A lighting device, comprising a luminous source consisting of a LED (5) that is placed between the flanges (2,3) of a primary reflector (1), which is essentially V-shaped. A secondary reflector (7), composed of an elongated element with steps (8), runs along the extension of one of the
6441956 Optical element designed to operate in transmission in the infrared spectrum, provided with a hi August 27, 2002
High-density polyethylene (HDPE) is used as a coating for optical elements operating in transmission in the infrared spectrum, which are made up of a material other than polyethylene, such as hygroscopic salt, semiconductor materials, fluorides, chalcogenides, silver halides, and others,
6262786 Devices with micro-filters and micro-choppers for dynamic selection of colours and images July 17, 2001
The radiation beam emitted by a polychromatic source of finite dimension is incident onto an array of microlenses which have the function of converging and dividing the beam into a plurality of microbeams directed towards a matrix containing colored microfilters. Once the microfilters
6095655 Reflector for a lighting device with an elongated light source August 1, 2000
A reflector (R) for a lighting device having a light source elongated in one direction has a three-dimensional curved shape which provides a maximum efficiency of the device with the required control on the direction of the light beam at the output.
6059428 Lighting device, particularly a motor vehicle headlamp, having a micro-lens structure with a fle May 9, 2000
A lighting device includes a thin transparent plate in which a plurality of micro-lenses arranged in a matrix are integrated. A second thin transparent plate is supported so as to be movable relative to the first plate by means of at least one pair of flexures. A plurality of micro-l
5997156 Lighting device for generating a rectangular pattern at the work area, E. G. for illuminating pe December 7, 1999
A lighting device which can be used for illuminating pedestrian crossings or in other applications where it is necessary to form a defined and uniform rectangular pattern includes a parabolic reflector element and a planar screen with an array of cylindrical microlenses or microprisms on
5884995 Lighting system with a micro-telescope integrated in a transparent plate March 23, 1999
The light radiation beam emitted by a source with finite dimension, integrated within a transparent plate, in contact therewith, is initially reflected inside the plate by a first reflecting or semi-reflecting planar surface towards a second planar reflecting surface. Both reflecting
5841596 Lighting system with a micro-telescope integrated in a transparent plate November 24, 1998
The light radiation beam emitted by a source of finite dimension, integrated in a transparent plate or in contact therewith, is initially reflected inside the plate by a first surface located on the side of the plate (3) which is more remote from the source. The reflected light rays
5829856 Devices with micro-filters for selection of colors and images November 3, 1998
The radiation beam emitted by a polychromatic source of finite dimension is initially corrected in its vergency and distribution by a reflector or a system which operates according to refraction, diffraction or total inner reflection effects. The beam then strikes on an array of micro-le
5818627 Devices with micro-mirrors and micro-filters for selecting colors and images October 6, 1998
The polychromatic or monochromatic radiation beam emitted by a light source strikes an array of micro-filters which partially or totally transmit the light beam towards an array of micro-mirrors. The partially reflected beam comes back towards the first array of micro-filters and passes
5817396 Antireflection surface having a predetermined roughness, particularly for motor-vehicle dashboar October 6, 1998
An antireflection surface having a predetermined roughness so as to keep the reflectivity of incident radiation low. A profile with projections having a height which is an integer multiple of the radiation wavelength can trap the radiation irrespective from its polarization and also at

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