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Shuey; Steven W.
Landenberg, PA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8063230 Tris(N-aryl benzimidazole)benzenes and their use in electronic devices November 22, 2011
The present invention relates to tris(N-aryl-benzimidazole)benzene compounds of the formula: ##STR00001## where R.sup.1-R.sup.6, Ar, m, n, p, q, r, and s are defined in the specification. Also provided are compositions comprising tris(N-aryl-benzimidazole)benzene compounds. The inv
7999121 Derivatized 3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene monomers, methods of making them, and use thereof August 16, 2011
The present invention relates to methods of making derivatized 3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene monomers and methods of using the 3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene monomers.
7838688 Derivatized 3,4-Alkylenedioxythiophene monomers, methods of making them, and use thereof November 23, 2010
The present invention relates to methods of making derivatized 3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene monomers and methods of using the 3,4-alkylenedioxythiophene monomers.
7586013 Method for preparing hydroxystyrenes and acetylated derivatives thereof September 8, 2009
A method is provided for the thermal decarboxylation of a phenolic substrate in the presence of a non-amine basic catalyst to produce a vinyl monomer. The product of the decarboxylation reaction may additionally be acetylated in the presence of an acetylating agent in the same reacti
7504769 Aromatic chalcogen compounds and their use March 17, 2009
This invention relates to dibenzothiophene, dibenzofuran, dibenzopyran, and dibenzothiapyran compounds. This invention also relates to layers and devices including at least one of the above compounds.
7468415 Method for preparing glycidyloxystyrene monomers and polymers thereof December 23, 2008
It was found that glycidyloxystyrenes, including glycidyloxystyrene and substituted glycidyloxystyrene, can be synthesized from hydroxycinnamic acid or substituted hydroxycinnamic acids in a one-pot, two-step process. The substrate can be thermally decarboxylated and then without pur
7402713 Processes for conversion of tyrosine to p-hydroxystyrene and p-acetoxystyrene July 22, 2008
Tyrosine was converted to p-hydroxystyrene in a two-step reaction without purification of individual intermediates. Conditions were determined for bromination of tyrosine in which reactive intermediates were formed. The mixture of these intermediates was used directly in a second step
7307061 .beta.-peptoids with antimicrobial activity December 11, 2007
The present invention relates to beta-peptoids with antimicrobial activity. The present invention also relates to methods of producing .beta.-peptoids. The antimicrobial .beta.-peptoids of the invention are useful in pharmaceutical, healthcare, medical device, industrial, food, agric
7273939 Methods of making tris(N-aryl benzimidazoles)benzenes and their use in electronic devices September 25, 2007
Provided are methods for preparing a compound of Formula I: ##STR00001## where the method comprises the steps of: contacting a compound of Formula II: ##STR00002## with 1,3,5-benzene-tricarbonyl chloride in the presence of a polar aprotic solvent to form an amide adduct; and subsequentl
6815426 Angiogenesis-inhibitory tripeptides, compositions and their methods of use November 9, 2004
This invention pertains to methods and compositions for inhibiting endothelial cell tube formation, the initial step of tumor angiogenesis. More specifically, the present invention relates to tripeptides that show inhibition of angiogenesis-mediated processes.

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