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Shinozaki; Tetsuya
Yokkaichi, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7488197 Connector, a connector assembly and an assembling method therefor February 10, 2009
A circuit board connector housing (10) includes slide contacts (19) arranged before contact areas (16) of detecting terminals (15A) with respect to a connecting direction. The slide contacts (19) contact touching portions (30) of shorting terminals (27) during a connecting operation
7476116 Connector of the movable member type January 13, 2009
With a pair of housings (10, 30) connected, a lever (20) provided in a female housing (10) is prevented from separating from a male housing (30) at two positions, i.e. at an engaged position of a cam follower (34) and a cam groove (25) and an engaged position with a preventing portion (3
7384286 Connector, connector assembly and assembling method June 10, 2008
A connector has female and male housings (10, 60). A cam pin (63) projects from the male housing (60), and a jaw (65) bulges out at the end of the cam pin (63). A lever (30) is mounted to the female housing (10), and has a cam groove (33) for engaging the cam pin (63). A step (38, 39) in
7264508 Shielded connector, mating shielded connector and shielded connector assembly September 4, 2007
A shielded connector assembly has first and second housings (11, 31). The first housing (11) has a fitting space (17) formed with coupling ribs (16). A shielding shell (26) is in the fitting space (17) and has slits (27) that receive the coupling ribs (16). A preventing groove (29) is
7238050 Shielded connector July 3, 2007
A connection shell (23) includes a tubular fastener (25) formed by flat surfaces (25a) and curved surfaces (25b) and a rectangular tubular contact (24). A crimp ring (29) is crimped to fasten a wire shield (28) to the outer peripheral surface of the tubular fastener (25). The tubular
6942504 Connector September 13, 2005
A female connector (10) has a lever (40) in the form of a single plate. The lever (40) is locked at an initial position by a resilient lock (46) before a connecting operation with a male connector (50). An unlocking rib (55) projects from the ceiling surface of a receptacle (53) of the m
6837753 Split-type connector and connector assembly January 4, 2005
A split-type connector (10) has a holder (11) and auxiliary connectors (28) that can be mounted in the holder (11). A retainer (34) is mountable in the holder (11) and can be moved from a first position where the auxiliary connectors (28) can be mounted in the holder (11) and a second po
6827593 Lever-type connector December 7, 2004
A lever-type connector (10) has a frame-shaped holder (11) for accommodating auxiliary connectors (24). A lever (40) is mounted on the holder (11) and is adapted to connect the lever-type connector (10) and a male connector (50) by cam action effected as the lever (40) is rotated. Th
6805564 Split-type connector and connector assembly October 19, 2004
A connector assembly has a split-type connector (10) configured for insertion into a receptacle (53) of a mating connector (50)i. The split-type connector (10) has a holder (11) and auxiliary connectors (28) that can be mounted in the holder (11). A retainer (34) is mountable in the
6764324 Lever-type connector assembly July 20, 2004
A lever-type connector assembly has mating female and male connectors (10, 50). The female connector (10) has a lever (40) with a cam plate (41) and a resilient lock (46) that is deformable within the plane of the cam plate (41). The resilient lock (46) engages a receiving portion (33A)
6733313 Connector having an operable member and a connector assembly May 11, 2004
A lever (40) of a connector assembly is in the form of a single plate, and a resilient lock (48) for locking the lever (40) at a connection completing position and a finger placing portion (47B) used to rotate the lever (40) are adjacent to each other at one end of the lever (40). The
6530795 Unitable terminal fitting, a construction for uniting a plurality of terminal fittings and metho March 11, 2003
A terminal fitting (1) is provided with a wire connecting portion (3) to be connected with an end of a wire (W) and a shaft fixing portion (5) through which a bolt (4) is insertable. The shaft fixing portion (5) is formed by folding a metallic plate material in three. Each of exposed sur
6276964 Joint connector August 21, 2001
There are two engaged states of a female connector housing 20 and a joint housing 30: a partly engaged state where the housings 20 and 30 are partly engaged and a fully engaged state where they are fully engaged to connect terminals 32 and 40 thereof. Electrical conduction testing openin
6257922 Connector July 10, 2001
A protective wall (42), formed in a unified manner, rises to a specified height from the posterior end of a base face (41) of a detecting chamber (40). A short-circuiting terminal (50) is inserted into the detecting chamber (40) from the anterior, a base member (51) thereof striking
6250962 Sealing plug for a watertight connector and a watertight connector June 26, 2001
A one-piece type waterproof rubber plug 30 is formed with round insertion holes 32 whose inner surfaces can be held in sealing contact with the outer surfaces of a plurality of wires 18 individually inserted into the insertion holes 32 to protect them from water. Female terminal fittings
6244897 Watertight connector and a method for mounting a watertight connector June 12, 2001
A watertight connector with improved sealability is provided. The connector has a housing 1 with a mount hole 13 formed at the rear end of the housing 1 a one-piece watertight rubber plug 15 and a gel plate 20 made of silicone gel 20A are fitted into the mount hole 13. The gel plate 20 i
6217365 Connector April 17, 2001
A connector with an elastic locking portion is formed to avoid exerting tension on a wire when the connector is disengaged from its mating connector. The elastic locking portion 28 is elastically deformable upward and downward on the top surface of a connector 20, and a pulling portion
6132250 Connector with sealing members October 17, 2000
A connector is provided to prevent gelatinous seal members from being adhered to terminal fittings and improve the insertion operability of the terminal fittings. The connector includes a housing 11 with a rear surface that is held watertight since clearances between a cover 23 and the
6132230 Connector October 17, 2000
To effect water-proofing using a non-water-proof type of female connector, a non-water-proof female connector (20) is fitted with a concave fitting member (12) of a male connector (10), a cover assembly (30) fitting with both the female connector (20) and the concave fitting member (12).
6126496 Short-circuiting terminal October 3, 2000
When two electrical connector housings are being fitted together, a locking arm 7 is bent, thereby bending a short-circuiting terminal 11 and bringing it into a non-contacting state with respect to a detecting terminal 8. When the fitting has been completed, the locking arm 7 returns to
6113424 Electrical panel connector with seal retaining alignment plate September 5, 2000
A flange protrudes from side faces of a housing of a connector attached to a panel, a waterproofing ring being provided next to the flange. The positioning of terminals passing through the housing is regulated by an alignment plate. One end of the alignment plate faces protrusions on the
6086411 Connector July 11, 2000
An electrical connector has a sealing face 30 provided along the entire circumference of a side edge and upper face of a foot member 25 and along outer side faces and an outer base face of a terminal housing chamber 23. An operating member 26B and short-circuiting terminal 24 are sealed
5997344 Connector December 7, 1999
In order to detect via an external circuit whether male and female connector housings 1 and 2 have been correctly fitted together, a short-circuiting terminal 19 which bends when a locking arm 10 bends either short circuits or fails to short circuit a pair of detecting terminals 7 lo
5865637 Mounting structure of terminal fitting February 2, 1999
Structures are disclosed whereby two or more electrical terminal fittings (10,30) are pressed into tight mutual engagement to ensure a good electrical connection. The invention is especially adapted for earth terminal fittings which are mutually engageable by sliding or rotating move
5833486 Press-contact connector November 10, 1998
An electrical connector (10) has electrical cables (50) pressed into channels (19) to connect the cables by pressure crimping to a respective terminal (43); the channels are aligned in a common plane to facilitate crimping. Some of the terminals (43) are bent in the vertical or horiz
5791930 Connector for detecting incomplete engagement August 11, 1998
One electrical connector 10 has no moving parts and the mating connector 20 has moving parts. This is made possible since connector locking projections 12 and detecting ribs 13, which serve as a first and second abutments respectively, are formed on the outer peripheral surface of one

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