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Shindo; Hidetoshi
Himeji, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6649282 Surface treated steel product prepared by tin-based plating or aluminum-based plating November 18, 2003
A tin-plating or aluminum-plating surface treated steel material with excellent corrosion resistance containing an intermetallic compound composed of one or more Group IIa (alkaline earth metal) elements and one or more Group IVb elements in a tin-based plating layer or aluminum-based
6649275 Zinc phosphate-treated galvanized steel sheet excellent in corrosion resistance and color tone November 18, 2003
A zinc phosphate treated galvanized steel sheet capable of securing sufficient white rust resistance and non-uniform dew condensation resistance without requiring a sealing chromate treatment has high white color and is excellent in color tone uniformity. The galvanized steel sheet h
6596414 Phosphate-treated galvanized steel sheet excellent in corrosion resistance and paintability July 22, 2003
The present invention provides phosphate-treated galvanized steel sheet excellent in corrosion resistance and paintability, including:a phosphate-treated galvanized steel sheet excellent in corrosion resistance and paintability, comprising a phosphate film in an amount of at least 0.5 g/
6465114 -Zn coated steel material, ZN coated steel sheet and painted steel sheet excellent in corrosion October 15, 2002
A coated steel material excellent in corrosion resistance and a method of producing the same, wherein a coated steel material has on the surface of the steel sheet a Zn-alloy coating layer containing 1-10 wt % of Mg, 2-19 wt % of Al and 0.01-2 wt % of Si, where Mg and Al satisfy Mg (%)+A
6376092 Surface-treated steel sheet and manufacturing method thereof April 23, 2002
The present invention has an object to provide a surface-treated steel sheet which has highly balanced corrosion resistance and formability, and satisfies fundamental properties required mainly for steel sheets for automobile body, and a manufacturing method thereof. The surface-treated

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