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Shim; Chang-Sup
Seoul, KR
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8046815 Optical network for bi-directional wireless communication October 25, 2011
A method for transmitting video data to the users via a network in a transcoder of an image processing system including a storage media having a predetermined amount of storage area is disclosed. The method includes the steps of storing in the storage media, the video data provided based
8024725 Method of upgrading software through download in T-DMB terminal September 20, 2011
A method of upgrading software through a software download in a Terrestrial Digital Multimedia Broadcasting (T-DMB) terminal includes the steps of announcing when the software is downloaded by receiving a T-DMB signal and analyzing a plurality of fast information groups (FIGs), deter
7929758 Method and device for adjusting image color in image projector April 19, 2011
Disclosed are methods and devices for adjusting an image color in an image projector. In one aspect, the method for adjusting an image color in an image projector, includes the steps of obtaining information on an external image projection environment to determine color conversion in
7894486 Method for depacketization of multimedia packet data February 22, 2011
Disclosed is a method for depacketization of multimedia packet data, the method comprising: a context-aware step of parsing and recording a start code, which can identify each frame, in a first portion of a payload of a real-time transport protocol (RTP) packet; and a step of performing
7711250 Apparatus for receiving transport stream to provide multi-screen and control method therefor May 4, 2010
Disclosed is an apparatus and method for constructing and broadcasting a multi-screen broadcasting program by using a transport stream in a digital broadcasting, and for decoding the constructed transport stream to restore image and voice signals. The method includes the steps of ana
7653039 Network system for interworking W-LAN and 3G mobile communication network through RoF link and a January 26, 2010
A network system for interworking a Wireless Local Area Network (W-LAN) and a 3.sup.rd-Generation (3G) mobile communication network through a Radio-over-Fiber(RoF) link and an authentication method in interworking in the network system are provided. The network system includes a 3G m
7646432 Multimedia signal matching system and method for performing picture-in-picture function January 12, 2010
A multimedia signal matching system for performing a picture-in-picture function includes: at least one set-top box including a decoder for decoding multimedia signals in a predetermined reference format and generating a control signal for performing the picture-in-picture function;
7558570 Terrestrial DMB receiver using imaginary channel to receive broadcasting services July 7, 2009
A terrestrial DMB receiver using an imaginary channel in a terrestrial DMB system is disclosed. The terrestrial DMB receiver includes: a key input unit for receiving an input from a user; a display unit for providing image output to the user; an imaginary channel storage unit for storing
7450861 Return-to-zero alternative-mark-inversion optical transmitter and method for generating return-t November 11, 2008
An optical transmitter for generating return-to-zero alternative-mark-inversion (RZ-AMI) optical signals and a method for generating the optical signals are provided. The optical transmitter includes a light source radiating at its output an intensity-modulated light beam based upon
7450849 Wavelength-division multiplexing passive optical network November 11, 2008
A wavelength-division multiplexing passive optical network (WDM-PON) comprising a central office for generating monitor light and multiplexed downstream optical signals to be out and detecting upstream optical signals, the central office including a signal monitoring unit monitoring
7450508 Dynamic quality-of-service mapping apparatus and method through hybrid monitoring in digital hom November 11, 2008
A media server coupled to a service network by means of a media gateway provides network-adaptive media streams through hybrid monitoring for the digital home service. Clients coupled to the service network measures a network state of the service network and system states of the clients
7447435 Passive optical network November 4, 2008
Disclosed is a passive optical network comprising a central office including a plurality of first reflective semiconductor optical amplifiers of a quantum-dot type, each of which generates a wavelength-seeded downstream optical signal on a downstream channel of a corresponding wavele
7310330 Apparatus for providing broadcasting channel information in internet protocol based digital broa December 18, 2007
In a digital broadcasting system comprising a server for retransmitting a digital broadcast on the basis of an Internet protocol (IP), a user terminal for receiving the digital broadcast on the basis of the IP, and a router for connecting the server with the user terminal, the server
7190510 Metro wavelength division multiplexing network March 13, 2007
A metro wavelength division multiplexing network is disclosed and includes a plurality of optical repeaters connected to each other through an optical fiber link, wherein each of the optical repeaters includes a Raman gain medium for Raman-amplifying inputted optical signals, an ampl
7073956 Optical transceiver and passive optical network using the same July 11, 2006
Disclosed are an optical transceiver and an passive optical network using the same. The optical transceiver includes a polarization splitter for splitting injected light input from an outside of the optical transceiver into a first polarization component and a second polarization compone
7031048 Hybrid broadband light source April 18, 2006
Disclosed is a hybrid broadband optical source comprising an amplified spontaneous emission (ASE) light source module to generate ASE, a gain medium to amplify the ASE, a pump light source to generate pump light, and a wavelength selective coupler to supply the pump light to the gain
7019892 Wideband light source March 28, 2006
A wideband light source is disclosed. The wideband light source includes a first optical amplifier for generating and amplifying a C-band spontaneous emission light, a second optical amplifier for generating C-band and L-band spontaneous emission lights which is pumped by the C-band

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