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Sherwood; Richard C.
New Providence, NJ
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5157017 Method of fabricating a superconductive body October 20, 1992
Articles comprising a quantity of superconductive oxide material can be fabricated by a process that comprises melting of part of an oxide precursor material, with resultant directional resolidification. Exemplary embodiments comprise zone melting and movement of the hot zone through the
5081075 Method of producing a superconductive body, and apparatus and systems comprising the body January 14, 1992
Disclosed are normal metal-clad superconductive bodies (e.g., wires, ribbons) having a normal metal cladding that is porous during at least a part of the manufacture of the body. The porous cladding permits access of an ambient atmosphere to the superconductive material. Exemplarily, the
5045249 Electrical interconnection by a composite medium September 3, 1991
Electrical interconnections are made by means of a layer or sheet medium comprising chains of magnetically aligned, electrically conducting particles in a nonconducting matrix material. End particles of chains protrude from a surface of the medium, thereby enhancing electrical contac
5011823 Fabrication of oxide superconductors by melt growth method April 30, 1991
Superconductive oxide bodies such as wires, ribbons, rods, and other bulk bodies can be fabricated by a process that comprises melting precursor material, cooling at least of the melt such that a solid body of a desired shape results, and heat treating the solid body in an oxygen-contain
4960612 Thermal conductor assembly method October 2, 1990
A compressible thermally conductive member comprises a polymer field with thermally conducting-magnetically aligned particles comprising a base portion and a multiplicity of protrusions extending from at least one surface of the base portion.
4952554 Apparatus and systems comprising a clad superconductive oxide body, and method for producing suc August 28, 1990
A method of producing normal-metal-clad superconductive oxide wire, tape and the like is disclosed. The method comprises forming an intermediate body by surrounding a quantity of the oxide powder (e.g., Ba.sub.2 YCu.sub.3 O.sub.6.9) with an appropriate normal metal jacket, reducing the
4923739 Composite electrical interconnection medium comprising a conductive network, and article, assemb May 8, 1990
An electrical interconnection medium is made as a composite of electrically conducting, magnetic particles in a nonconductive matrix material. Particles are magnetically aligned into a network which extends in at least two dimensions as, e.g., in a sheet or layer medium. A layer medium
4838347 Thermal conductor assembly June 13, 1989
A compressible thermally conductive member comprises a polymer field with thermally conducting magnetically aligned particles comprising a base portion and a multiplicity of protrusions extending from at least one surface of the base portion.
4785244 Magneto-electric sensor device and sensing method using a sensor element comprising a 2-phase de November 15, 1988
Devices such as, e.g., switches, flowmeters, and proximity sensors, as well as implant devices are made comprising an elongated ferromagnetic element. When the element is exposed to a variable magnetic field an electrical signal is obtained between contact points of the element in respon
4737112 Anisotropically conductive composite medium April 12, 1988
Electrical interconnection is established by means of an anisotropically conductive, composite layer medium comprising electrically conductive particles in a nonconductive matrix material. Enhanced uniformity of conductivity across the medium, and minimized incidence of lateral short
4644101 Pressure-responsive position sensor February 17, 1987
Electrical signals are produced by a pressure-responsive device, such signals being indicative of the position of locally applied pressure. The device comprises a position sensor assembly which comprises a composite layer medium including electrically conductive magnetic particles in a
4613955 Bias magnet temperature tracking of magnetic bubble memories September 23, 1986
Wide temperature range magnetic bubble memories are realized by using new compositions of rare earth garnets which require nonlinear bias field for operation over a given temperature range. The bias field structure for providing the corresponding nonlinear bias field includes plates of b
4540453 Magnetically soft ferritic Fe-Cr-Ni alloys September 10, 1985
Disclosed are magnetically soft ferritic multiphase Fe-Cr-Ni alloys containing at least about 82 weight percent Fe, between about 3 and about 10 weight percent Cr, and between about 2 and about 8 weight percent Ni, a method for producing such alloys, and devices comprising such an alloy
4401482 Fe--Cr--Co Magnets by powder metallurgy processing August 30, 1983
Fe--Cr--Co alloys have found application in the manufacture of permanent magnets on account of magnetic properties such as, high coercive force, remanent magnetization, and energy product. A method is disclosed for producing magnetic articles comprising Fe, Cr, and Co from powders co
4398972 Ferritic Fe-Ni magnetic alloys August 16, 1983
Disclosed are magnetically soft ferritic multiphase Fe-Ni alloys having a Ni content in the range of about 4 to about 16 weight percent, devices containing a body fabricated from such alloys, and method for heat treating such body. Appropriate heat treatment comprises a low-temperature
4379003 Magnetic devices by selective reduction of oxides April 5, 1983
Magnetic material is made by reducing an oxide powder compact having at least one nonreducible oxide species. A typical mixture of nickel, iron, and aluminum oxides selectively reduces to form a material having a typical permeability of 10 or more and high resistivity. Reduced eddy c
4311537 Low-cobalt Fe-Cr-Co permanent magnet alloy processing January 19, 1982
In view of rising cobalt costs, low-cobalt alloys such as, e.g., Fe-Cr-Co alloys are finding increasing use in the manufacture of permanent magnets. Desired magnetic energy product of such magnets is typically at least 1 million gauss-oersted.In the interest of maximizing magnetic energy
4258234 Electroacoustic device March 24, 1981
Electroacoustic devices are disclosed which comprise a permanent magnet and a magnetically permeable component. The permanent magnet is made of an Fe-Cr-Co alloy comprising 20-40 weight percent Cr and 3-30 weight percent Co; the permeable component is made of an Fe-Al alloy comprising 1.
4187128 Magnetic devices including amorphous alloys February 5, 1980
The disclosed magnetic devices, including a magnetically coupled conducting path, incorporate amorphous, low magnetostriction alloys of the general formula (Co.sub.a Fe.sub.b T.sub.c).sub.i X.sub.j, the "metallic" constituents thereof being within the parenthetical expression. T, in the

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