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Shen; Chung Y.
St. Louis, MO
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5252306 Semi-continuous process for preparing phosphorus trichloride October 12, 1993
There is disclosed an improved process for the semi-continuous production of phosphorus trichloride by the reaction of elemental phosphorus and chlorine in a liquid phosphorus trichloride layer. In accordance with the present invention periodic termination of the process by discontinuing
4904824 Chemical process February 27, 1990
There is disclosed herein improved processes for the preparation of mixtures of alkali metal salts of 1-hydroxy-3-oxa-1,2,4,5-pentane tetracarboxylate and alkali metal salts of 3,6-dioxa-1,2,4,5,7,8-octane hexacarboxylate wherein by-product calcium carbonate produced by the process o
4731465 Process for producing nitrilotriacetonitrile March 15, 1988
A continuous process for preparing nitrilotriacetonitrile in which the reactants, formaldehyde, hydrogen cyanide, and either ammonia or hexamethylenetetramine are reacted first in a mixing reactor, preferably a circulating loop reactor at from about C. to about
4666636 Production of sodium phenol sulfonate May 19, 1987
A process for preparing anhydrous sodium phenol sulfonate low in APHA color wherein the hydrated material is subjected to a temperature in the range of from about C. to C. in an inert atmosphere for a period of time not exceeding two hours.
4547589 Hydrolysis of nitrilotriacetonitrile October 15, 1985
A process for producing nitrilotriacetate salts from nitrilotriacetonitrile in which a mixture of substantially stoichiometric amounts of an alkali metal hydroxide and nitrilotriacetonitrile in water are partially hydrolyzed, followed by boiling to complete the reaction, followed by
4485049 Two-stage crystallization of nitrilotriacetonitrile from a hot solution November 27, 1984
A process is disclosed for producing crystalline nitrilotriacetonitrile from a solution of nitrilotriacetonitrile and water in excess of C., comprising:a. cooling the nitrilotriacetonitrile-water solution in a first stage to the range of about C. to about
4402926 Process for producing chlorinated trisodium phosphate September 6, 1983
A process is disclosed for producing chlorinated trisodium phosphate, comprising:(a) producing a hot sodium phosphate liquor, preferably with an overall Na/P mole ratio from 2.60 to 2.85;(b) adding sodium hypochlorite solution, preferably with an available chlorine content greater than 1
4080376 Amide carboxylates March 21, 1978
Novel imide carboxylates, O-carboxylates thereof, and amide carboxylates are useful as intermediates for preparation of sequestrant compounds.
4079086 Process for reacting alkyl epoxides with glycols March 14, 1978
Improvements in the reaction of epoxyalkanes with glycols are provided by conducting the reaction in non-polar solvents.
4059579 Morpholenone derivatives November 22, 1977
Novel imide carboxylates, O-carboxylates thereof, and amide carboxylates are useful as intermediates for preparation of sequestrant compounds.
3952054 Process for preparing diglycolic acid April 20, 1976
Diglycolic acid is prepared by oxidation of p-dioxanone.

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