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Shea; Kenneth J.
Irvine, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7211192 Hybrid organic-inorganic adsorbents May 1, 2007
The present invention relates generally to hybrid organic-inorganic adsorbents for decontamination of fluids. Bridged poysilsesquioxanes are a family of hybrid organic-inorganic materials prepared by sol-gel processing of monomers that contain a variable organic bridging group and tw
6525154 Molecular imprinting for the recognition of peptides in aqueous solution February 25, 2003
Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) wherein the template comprises either a) a peptide or amino acid sequence that has an N-terminal histidine residue or b) histamine. The MIP's may be prepared in aqueous systems using reagents that are water soluble at the relevant concentrations.
6057377 Molecular receptors in metal oxide sol-gel materials prepared via molecular imprinting May 2, 2000
A method is provided for molecularly imprinting the surface of a sol-gel material, by forming a solution comprised of a sol-gel material, a solvent, an imprinting molecule, and a functionalizing siloxane monomer of the form Si(OR).sub.3-n X.sub.n, wherein n is an integer between zero and
5476915 Method for controlled synthesis of polymers December 19, 1995
Living polymer synthesis methods for the synthesis of oligomeric and high molecular weight polymers with low polydispersity are disclosed. The disclosed methods are based on the discovery that the reaction of a ylid with an organoborane at a high ylid:borane ratio and high temperature
5321102 Molecular engineering of porous silica using aryl templates June 14, 1994
A process for manipulating the porosity of silica using a series of organic template groups covalently incorporated into the silicate matrix. The templates in the bridged polysilsesquioxanes are selectively removed from the material by oxidation with oxygen plasma or other means, leaving

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