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Senda; Shuji
Osaka, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5814326 Insect communication disturbing material September 29, 1998
An insect communication disturbing material comprises a covering material and a pheromone component to be included therein, wherein the included pheromone component exudes on the surface of the covering material in such a condition that it can be transferred and adhered to insect pests w
5677155 Process for preparing the sex pheromone of Lymantria dispar L October 14, 1997
A process for preparing the sex pheromone of Lymantria dispar L. effectively which comprises the steps of reacting 1-bromodecane and propargyl alcohol tetrahydropyranylether in the presence of sodium hydroxide to give 1-tetrahydropyranyloxy-2-tridecyne, treating the tetrahydropyranyl
5374766 Ester and method for production thereof as well as hydrolysis process and determination of optic December 20, 1994
This invention relates to a novel ester which presents as (CF 1) and a method for the production of the same as well as a process for hydrolysis and a method for the determination of an optical purity using this ester, and the object thereof is to provide an intermediate for the synthesi
5272069 Method of producing optically active hydroxyesters December 21, 1993
This invention relates to methods for producing optically active hydroxyesters and also to methods for producing and purifying optically active five-membered ring lactones.More specifically, the invention provides methods for efficiently, safely, and selectively producing and purifying o
5213975 Methods of preparing optically active epoxy alcohol May 25, 1993
This invention relates to the methods of preparing optically active epoxy alcohol which is caracterized by the steps of adding carboxylic anhydride to racemic epoxy alcohol (formula 1) in the presence of a hydrolase in an organic solvent, esterifying (-)-form of the epoxy alcohol prefere
5077043 Hyphantria cunea sex pheromones and attractant compositions including the pheromones December 31, 1991
The present invention provides mainly (3Z,6Z)-cis-9,10-epoxy-1,3,6-heneicosatriene (formula 1) and (3Z, 6Z)-cis-9,10-epoxy-1,3,6-elcosatriene (formula 2) which are Hyphantria cunea sex pheromones. The invention provides attractant components having high attraction effect for Hyphantr
5024832 Termites trail-following pheromone and a same composition and method of detecting captured termi June 18, 1991
A termites trail-marking pheromone which is (3Z,6Z,8E)-dodecatrienol, and a composition which comprises (3Z,6Z,8E)-dodecatrienol as an essential component and another component which is a trail-marking pheromone-like substance, and a method of detecting termites by using this composition
4864056 Optically active hydroxy esters September 5, 1989
Methyl (2S,3S,4R)-(+)- and (2R,3R,4S)-(-)-3-hydroxy-2,4-dimethylheptanoates which are important intermediates for synthesis of invictolide, one component of a queen recognition pheromone of red imported fire ant.
4835292 Novel optically active alcohol May 30, 1989
(2R,3S,4R)-(+)- and (2S,3R,4S)-(-)-2,4-dimethyl-3-tetrahydropyranyloxy-1-heptanols which are important intermediates for synthesis of invictolide, one component of a queen recognition peromone of red imported fire ant.
4808340 Process for preparing methyl 4-oxo-5-tetradecynoate February 28, 1989
A process for preparing methyl 4-oxo-5-tetradecynoate useful as an intermediate for synthesizing (R,Z)-5-dec-1-enyl-oxacyclopentan-2-one, which comprises reacting monomethyl succinate with an alkyl chlorocarbonate in the presence of a base to form an acid anhydride and reacting the a

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