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Semeny; Valery Y.
Kiev, SU
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4557754 Bis-(N,N-dimethyl-N-carbodecyloxymethyl-N-ethylene-ammonium)-sulphide dichloride and use thereof December 10, 1985
A novel compound bis-(N,N-dimethyl-N-carbodecyloxymethyl-N-ethyleneammonium)-sulphide dichloride of the formula ##STR1## A method for preparing said novel compound comprising quaternization of bis-(.beta.-dimethylaminoethyl)-sulphide with monochloroacetic acid decyl ester, mo
4271276 Method for preparing cross-linked vinylaromatic polymers containing nitro groups June 2, 1981
The method for preparing cross-linked vinylaromatic polymers containing nitro groups having the general formula ##STR1## where R' is H, NO.sub.2, COOH, SO.sub.3 H, P(O)(OH).sub.2, or P(O)H(OH), m is from 60 to 99 and n is from 40 to 1, consists in treatment of the starting cross-
4124456 Method of tris(perfluoroalkyl)phosphine oxides November 7, 1978
Novel compounds, viz., tris(perfluoroalkyl)phosphine oxides have the following general formula ##STR1## where R.sub.F is a perfluoroalkyl of normal and iso-structure, having from 2 to 8 carbon atoms.The method of preparing said compounds consists in that trialkylphosphine oxide h
4073809 Method for producing trialkylphosphine oxides February 14, 1978
The method for producing trialkylphosphine oxides having the general formula R.sub.3 PO, where R is an alkyl having from 1 to 16 carbon atoms, consists in that red phosphorus reacts with an alkyl iodide in the presence of a catalyst -- iodine or hexaalkyliodophosphoranephosphonium pe

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