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Seevinck; Evert
Eindhoven, NL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6140664 Cathode ray tube comprising a semiconductor cathode October 31, 2000
To prevent breakdown of an insulating layer located underneath a gate electrode, the gate electrode is connected to an external terminal via a high-ohmic resistor. The high-ohmic resistor may form part of a resistive network for biasing voltages for a plurality of gate electrodes. The
5351011 Low noise, low distortion MOS amplifier circuit September 27, 1994
In the case of amplifier circuits realised in modern MOS technology, non-linear distortion occurs as a result of the high field strengths in the channel region due to the small dimensions. This distortion is eliminated and noise is reduced in that the amplifier circuit comprises a fi
5329481 Semiconductor device having a memory cell July 12, 1994
A semiconductor device with at least one programmable memory cell which includes a bipolar transistor (T.sub.1) with an emitter (11) and a collector (12) of a first conductivity type and a base (10) of a second, opposite conductivity type. The emitter (11) and collector (12) are coup
5253137 Integrated circuit having a sense amplifier October 12, 1993
An integrated circuit includes a sense amplifier which has an equalizing effect on voltages on the inputs of the sense amplifier, in particular during readout of the sense amplifier. The sense amplifier includes a parallel connection of a first and second current branch, each current
5241504 Integrated memory comprising a sense amplifier August 31, 1993
An integrated memory includes a sense amplifier which has a parallel connection of a first and a second current branch, each current branch including channels of a control transistor and a load transistor which are coupled via a junction point, the junction points in each current branch
5216291 Buffer circuit having high stability and low quiescent current consumption June 1, 1993
A buffer circuit for buffering an applied reference voltage at a low output impedance. The buffer circuit includes an input transistor which is coupled to an external reference voltage and to an external reference current, and a voltage-to-current converter for applying less or more
5189321 Companding current-mode transconductor-C integrator February 23, 1993
In a current-mode transconductor-C integrator, the non-linearity of the voltage-to-current conversion of a transconductor is corrected by means of a differentiator which supplies a current (i.sub.d) which is proportional to the derivative of a current (i.sub.f) which in turn is proportio
5173656 Reference generator for generating a reference voltage and a reference current December 22, 1992
A reference generator includes a first, a second and an additional third current mirror for generating both a reference output current and a reference output voltage. As the reference output voltage only depends on the gate-source voltages of transistors which are fed with a constant
5057774 Apparatus for measuring the quiescent current of an integrated monolithic digital circuit October 15, 1991
An arrangement for measuring the quiescent current of a digital IC includes a current sensor connected in series with the IC and the voltage supply, a voltage stabilization circuit for stabilizing the voltage across the IC and a signal processing circuit coupled thereto for processing th
5047657 Integrated circuit comprising a signal level converter September 10, 1991
An integrated circuit which includes a converter for converting a logic input signal of a first logic type into a logic output signal of a second logic type, for example, from ECL to CMOS level. The converter comprises a buffer, including a controllable load and a driver transistor, and
5006815 Linear-gain amplifier arrangement April 9, 1991
A linear-gain amplifier arrangement comprises a current amplifying cell consisting of field-effect transistors and comprising a first (M1, M3) and a second (M2, M4current-mirror circuit whose respective input transistors (M1; M2) and output transistors (M3; M4) constitute a first and a s
4992755 Transistor circuit February 12, 1991
A transistor circuit comprising a first differential amplifier which is composed of a differential pair and a current mirror. The transistor circuit further comprises a second differential amplifier which measures a differential offset voltage in the first differential amplifier and
4980650 Current amplifier December 25, 1990
A current amplifier has an input terminal (1) for receiving an input current and an output terminal (2) for supplying an output current. A first transistor (T.sub.1) has a base-emitter junction coupled to the input terminal and a second transistor (T.sub.2) has a collector coupled to
4951003 Differential transconductance circuit August 21, 1990
A amplifier circuit comprises first transistor (T.sub.1) and a second transistor (T.sub.2) whose emitters are each connected via a first resistors (R.sub.1) to a point (2) which is connected to the power-supply terminal (3) by means of a current source (1). The bases of said transist
4929911 Push-pull output circuit having three transistors May 29, 1990
A push-pull output circuit which is powered by a 5-V supply voltage and in which the "push" part comprises a PMOS transistor and the "pull" comprises a PMOS transistor and an NMOS transistor. The NMOS transistor is driven via a detection circuit so that no hot carrier stress occurs in th
4857861 Amplifier arrangement with improved quiescent current control August 15, 1989
The first (T.sub.1) and the second (T.sub.2) output transistor of an amplifier arrangement are push-pull driven by means of a drive circuit (10) having two transistors (T.sub.11, T.sub.12) which are each loaded by a current source (T.sub.13, T.sub.14). Currents which are a measure of the
4853645 Amplifier arrangement with quiescent current control August 1, 1989
The first (T.sub.1) and the second (T.sub.2) output transistor of an amplifier arrangement are push-pull driven by means of a drive circuit (10) having two transistors (T.sub.11, T.sub.12) which are each loaded by a current source (T.sub.13, T.sub.14). Currents which are a measure of the
4682098 Voltage-current converter July 21, 1987
A voltage-current converter includes a first current-source (I.sub.1) coupled by means of a diode-arranged first transistor (T.sub.1) to a first terminal (1) at reference potential and by means of a diode-arranged second transistor (T.sub.2) to a second terminal (2). The bases of a third

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