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Schindler; Peter
Morfelden-Walldorf, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5302582 Enkastins: new glycopeptides which act to inhibit enkephlinase, processes for their preparation, April 12, 1994
The invention relates to new biologically active glycopeptides of the general formulain which Sacch represents a monosaccharide residue with, where appropriate, the OH groups being partially or completely substituted,A represents the residue of a neutral L- or D-amino acid or --if B is a
4535156 Chromogenic cephalosporin compound August 13, 1985
What are disclosed are cephalosporin derivatives of the formula ##STR1## formulations containing such cephem derivatives suitable for the detection of .beta.-lactamases, process for the manufacture of the cephem derivatives and the formulations, and use of the cephem derivatives for
4529545 Isolation of chemically unstable antibiotics from fermentation solutions July 16, 1985
A method for isolating a chemically unstable carbapenem antibiotic from a fermentation solution by adsorbing the antibiotic on an ion exchanger resin at the maximum of product formation, thus converting it to a stabilized form, and then separating the resin from the fermentation solu
4474691 Chromophoric peptides, a process for their preparation, agents containing them and their use for October 2, 1984
The invention relates to chromophoric peptides of the general formula I ##STR1## in which n represents 1 or 2, a porcess for their preparation, agents containing them and their use for determining DD-carboxypeptidases.

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