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Schertz; William W.
Batavia, IL
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4645519 Composite desiccant structure February 24, 1987
A composite formed of small desiccant particles retained in a dark matrix composed of a porous binder containing a transition metal oxide with pores to provide moisture transport with respect to the particles, and metallic fibers to remove the heat of condensation during dehumidification
4624113 Passive-solar directional-radiating cooling system November 25, 1986
A radiative cooling system for use with an ice-making system having a radiating surface aimed at the sky for radiating energy at one or more wavelength bands for which the atmosphere is transparent and a cover thermally isolated from the radiating surface and transparent at least to
4355522 Passive ice freezing-releasing heat pipe October 26, 1982
A heat pipe device has been developed which permits completely passive ice formation and periodic release of ice without requiring the ambient temperature to rise above the melting point of water. This passive design enables the maximum amount of cooling capacity to be stored in the tank
4271681 Long-term ice storage for cooling applications June 9, 1981
A device is providing for cooling a stored material and then for later use of the cold thus stored. The device includes a tank containing a liquid such as water which is frozen by means of a reflux condenser heat pipe.
4118249 Modular assembly of a photovoltaic solar energy receiver October 3, 1978
There is provided a modular assembly of a solar energy concentrator having a photovoltaic energy receiver with passive cooling. Solar cell means are fixedly coupled to a radiant energy concentrator. Tension means bias a large area heat sink against the cell thereby allowing the cell to e
4099515 Fabrication of trough-shaped solar collectors July 11, 1978
There is provided a radiant energy concentration and collection device formed of a one-piece thin-walled plastic substrate including a plurality of nonimaging troughs with certain metallized surfaces of the substrate serving as reflective side walls for each trough. The one-piece plastic
4029519 Solar collector having a solid transmission medium June 14, 1977
There is provided a radiant energy transmission device capable of operation in a concentrative mode in which energy incident on an entrance area is directed toward and concentrated on an exit area of smaller area than the entrance area. The device includes a solid radiant energy transmis

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