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Savit; Carl H.
Houston, TX
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
4910715 Marine seismic streamer cable March 20, 1990
A plurality of sensor arrays are mounted in a streamer cable. The sensors within each array are distributed over an elongated two-dimensional vertical plane. The seismic streamer cable is so constructed that its vertical dimension is substantially greater than its width and the top p
4707787 Beam-activated complex-solid formation utilizing pattern-independent, coordinate-sequence constr November 17, 1987
A system and method for forming a model of an underground geological formation is disclosed wherein a quantity of non-solid material of the type which solidifies at volumetric positions impinged upon by preselected incident energy as used. Memory means are provided which have uniquely
4686654 Method for generating orthogonal sweep signals August 11, 1987
A first sweep signal consists of a plurality of waveforms having non-invariant fundamental periods exhibiting a monotonic frequency progression of at least one octave over the duration of the sweep. Each waveform may consist of an ordered set of asymmetrical pulses distributed within
4675851 Method for seismic exploration June 23, 1987
Sweeps of seismic signals consisting of pulse trains having a predetermined number of pulses in which the periods or durations of the pulses are randomized and in which the wave shape and relative time displacements of the pulses in different trains provides substantially constant spectr
4648082 Marine acoustic gradient sensor March 3, 1987
A pressure gradient sensor is disclosed for optically sensing the direction and magnitude of an acoustic wave propagating through a fluid. Each sensor consists generally of at least three fiber-optic displacement sensors disposed within a circular array oriented perpendicular to the
4639729 Telemetric system January 27, 1987
In a two-stage, time-division multiplexing method and apparatus, a plurality of sensors are disposed at equal intervals along a plurality of transmission channels. An interrogation signal is transmitted from a recording station to all of the sensors along each channel. Because of the
4589285 Wavelength-division-multiplexed receiver array for vertical seismic profiling May 20, 1986
An optical telemetric system for use in a borehole consists of a bidirectional optical fiber to which are coupled a plurality of acousto-optical seismic sensors. The sensors consist of an optical cavity that becomes resonant at certain wavelengths depending upon parameters of cavity
4589100 Method and apparatus for positioning seismic arrays May 13, 1986
A seismic data recording system includes a central station and a plurality of remote seismic data recording units that are deployed within a desired region relative to the central station. The differential locations of the remote recording units relative to the central station are determ
4581723 Method for maintaining a constant tension on a seismic marine cable April 8, 1986
A method for maintaining a substantially constant tension on a towed seismic cable, wherein the instantaneous towing force and the instantaneous cable displacement relative to a fixed shipboard reference are continously measured and sampled. A microprocessor associated with a servo c
4577723 Method for improving the efficiency of air guns March 25, 1986
A quantity of a solution of a long-chain polymer is injected into the water around an air gun. The resulting dilute solution of the long-chain polymer tends to reduce turbulence surrounding the air bubble that is created when the gun is fired.
4547869 Marine seismic sensor October 15, 1985
A hydrophone streamer that includes several arrays of optical fiber pressure sensors. Each array consists of at least three sensors symmetrically disposed around the inside of the streamer skin to form a vertically-disposed array. Each sensor modulates a coherent light beam in accord
4545039 Methods for seismic exploration October 1, 1985
Sweeps of seismic signals consisting of pulse trains having a predetermined number of pulses in which the periods or durations of the pulses are randomized and in which the wave shape and relative time displacements of the pulses in different trains provides substantially constant spectr
4455500 Sensitivity and capacitance adjustment method for piezoelectric accelerometers June 19, 1984
A dual-transducer accelerometer, having a liquid inertia mass is disclosed. Each transducer consists of a ceramic PZT piezo-electric wafer glued to a flexible substrate. Certain characteristics of sensitivity and capacitance of one transducer can be matched to similar characteristics of
4319347 Seismic method and system of improved resolution and discrimination March 9, 1982
A seismic cable assembly has approximately 500 equally spaced elemental sensor units to receive seismic signals generated in the earth by a seismic impulse generator or "shot". The sensor units each include 3 hydrophones or geophones spaced about 6 feet apart, for a sensor unit lengt
4224474 Method and apparatus for demultiplexing multiplexed seismic data September 23, 1980
A seismic data acquisition system provides seismic signal data samples in multiplexed channel sequential order during a recording cycle. The multiplexed data samples from a recording cycle are demultiplexed by storing the data samples in consecutive order in a memory, having addressa
4182428 Hydraulically-coupled, land seismic signal source January 8, 1980
The seismic source consists of a tank for containing a volume of water. The tank is held in firm contact with the ground by suitable weighting means. The tank wall that contacts the ground is thinner than the other walls. The volume of water in the tank is pressurized to one to three
4092629 Decentralized seismic data processing system May 30, 1978
The seismic system includes a seismic sensor cable assembly having 50 cable sections and much of the seismic data processing electronics decentralized into the cable structure itself. The cable assembly is coupled to a central station mounted in a recording vehicle. The central station
4066993 Limited-range seismic control system January 3, 1978
A seismic exploration system includes a recording vehicle having a seismic cable connected thereto and one or more vibrator units. The seismic sensor cable includes at least one unterminated conductor. Operation of the vibrator units is programmed by transmitting, at very low frequency (
4016951 Air transportable seismic exploration system for use on ice-covered waters April 12, 1977
A seismic exploration system for use on ice-covered waters is disclosed. The system comprises a housing which contains equipment such as an engine, a compressor, means for boring holes in the ice, and acoustic signal generating means that can be lowered into the water through holes in th
3990036 Multiplexing method and apparatus for telemetry of seismic data November 2, 1976
A single time-multiplexed channel for telemetry of seismic data from a plurality of remote, spaced-apart sensors to a central recording device. All of the sensors are identical and interchangeable. A unique polling signal is transmitted over a telemetry link to each sensor. Upon receipt
3968471 Method for suppressing side lobes in correlation processes July 6, 1976
This invention relates to an improved method of seismograph exploration by means of time-variant oscillatory signals whereby the side lobes of the correlograms (or of the output waveforms) are randomized to prevent constructive reinforcement during vertical or horizontal stacking. The

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