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Sauer; Gale E.
Williamsville, NY
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
RE31201 Locking connection for supporting grid systems April 12, 1983
A first support member having a web with a slot therein and a second support member having a web provided with an integral locking connector extending axially therefrom for insertion in the slot. The connector has a snap locking finger provided with an edge inclined relative to a true
4531340 Beam splice for supporting grid systems July 30, 1985
A beam member for use in a suspended ceiling system for retaining removable panel sections includes at each longitudinal end an integral tongue and a tongue-receiving recess for joining the beam member in end-to-end relationship with another beam member having an end of corresponding
4514945 Window insulating system May 7, 1985
A window insulating system including horizontally and vertically arranged channel members positioned in a window wall opening and spaced inwardly of the window surface. Insulating panels are positioned in the channels and can either be opaque fiberglass panels or translucent or transpare
4484428 Suspended ceiling grid system November 27, 1984
A clip member is disclosed for underlying the areas of interconnection of main and cross runner members of a grid system for suspended ceilings. The runner members include downwardly opening recesses between their respective tile supporting flanges, and the clip member provides the a
4470239 Suspended ceiling grid system September 11, 1984
A suspended ceiling grid system formed of main runners (10) and cross runners (40) disposed at right angles to the main runners to define grid openings for the reception of ceiling tiles (T). Each of the runners (10, 40) includes a bulb (12, 42) a pair of webs (14, 44) depending from the
4317641 Locking connection for supporting grid systems March 2, 1982
A first support member having a web with a slot and a pair of second support members having locking connectors insertable through the slot in side by side relation, each connector having a resiliently yieldable finger engageable against the web after insertion through the slot for in
4317318 Supporting grid system having interchangeable T sections March 2, 1982
A one piece T section used interchangeably as both a main T member and a cross T member in a supporting grid system for suspended ceilings. The interchangeable T sections have locking connectors engageable to interlock a pair of sections in end to end relation to form a main T splice wit
4208851 Suspended ceiling system June 24, 1980
A fire rated dry wall ceiling support system having fixed, aligned main beam members spliced together in a manner so as to absorb longitudinal compression, as for example resulting from thermal expansion during a fire. Each main beam includes a web surmounted by a bead with flange po
4205815 Shelf bracket, shelf bracket-stud combination and shelf bracket-clip combination June 3, 1980
A shelf bracket adapted to be secured to an upright by means of a bracket clip. The shelf bracket comprises attachment means for attaching the bracket to the upright. The attachment means comprises a slot adapted to receive the bracket clip thus removably securing the bracket to the
4064671 Stabilizer strut for suspended ceiling system December 27, 1977
A stabilizer strut extending transversely between grid members in a supporting grid system and the like. The strut includes a pair of leg portions disposed at right angles to one another with each end of the strut including a pair of aligned slot portions for engagement with an under
4040758 Suspended ceiling hanging clip August 9, 1977
A one piece, sheet metal hanger clip for supporting a grid system member of a suspended ceiling frame from an overhead superstructure. The hanger clip can be utilized in various structural arrangements for suspending grid system members or runners having substantially horizontal flange m
4019300 Suspended ceiling structure April 26, 1977
A grid system for supporting a plurality of individual panel members generally in the same plane. A grid is formed of a plurality of structural beams or grid members which are disposed in intersecting relationship to each other in a predetermined geometric relation. More specifically, th
4018020 Modular wall construction April 19, 1977
Spaced panel bearing studs are vertically arranged to receive and support panel members defining a wall surface. The studs are maintained in a spaced apart relation by detachable spacer bars extending therebetween and releasably engaged therewith. The panel members can be adhesively secu
3965631 Fire rated grid-member with controlled expansion means June 29, 1976
A fire rated grid-member having fixed end points and the web thereof absorbing thermally induced longitudinally compression which results from fixed end point reaction forces. The grid member further includes a bead surmounting the web which is deformed to create a plurality of weakened

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