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Satoh; Kiyohide
Kawasaki, JP
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8582856 Image processing apparatus, image processing method, and program November 12, 2013
An image processing apparatus includes a correlating unit configured to acquire correlation information that correlates a first three-dimensional image of a target object with a second three-dimensional image of the target object, and a corresponding cross-sectional image generation unit
8165372 Information processing apparatus for registrating medical images, information processing method April 24, 2012
An information processing apparatus to register an ultrasonic image and a three-dimensional medical image at high speed is disclosed. The information processing apparatus includes: a medical image acquisition unit which acquires a medical image captured by a medical imaging apparatus
8144238 Image processing apparatus and method March 27, 2012
In position and orientation measurement based on natural features, erroneous detection of the natural features is prevented when an observation target object is occluded by another object, and registration stability is improved. To this end, an occluding object that can occlude the o
8130385 Information processing apparatus and information processing method March 6, 2012
An index detection unit (110) detects the image coordinates of indices from a captured image. An index allocation information updating unit (160) calculates the position and orientation of an image capturing apparatus using the image coordinates of the indices and allocation informat
8103127 Image processing method and image processing apparatus of calculating position and orientation o January 24, 2012
Indices in an image of a physical space on which a plurality of indices are allocated are identified, and the positions and orientations, on the physical space, of all or some identified indices are calculated.
8073201 Position/orientation measurement method and apparatus December 6, 2011
This invention relates to a position/orientation measurement apparatus which can measure a position and orientation while achieving both high stability and precision. An image including indices laid out on a space is captured, and the indices are detected from the captured image. When a
8019114 Position and orientation measurement method and apparatus September 13, 2011
A position and orientation measurement apparatus has a subjective-view-index detection unit which detects indices on a physical space from an image captured by a subjective-view camera, an additional subjective-view-index detection unit which detects indices on the physical space fro
7970576 Information processing apparatus and information processing method June 28, 2011
An orientation measurement value acquisition unit (145) acquires an orientation measurement value measured by an orientation sensor (110) mounted on an image capturing apparatus (120), and an orientation measurement value measured by a sensor (115) mounted on a physical object (125).
7942340 Two-dimensional code, and method and apparatus for detecting two-dimensional code May 17, 2011
A two-dimensional code includes a polygonal exterior region distinguishable from a background on the basis of brightness or color and an interior region disposed at a predetermined distance from the perimeter of the exterior region. The interior region is divided into cells of a pred
7860345 Position and orientation measurement method and position and orientation measurement apparatus December 28, 2010
The first values of position and orientation of an image sensing device are obtained by using positions of all indices in a frame image. Indices having the same inherent information between a first index group (FIG) in the frame image and a second index group (SIG) in a preceding frame i
7848903 Information processing method and information processing apparatus December 7, 2010
An information processing method for obtaining placement information of a first position and orientation sensor attached to an object with respect to the object includes an image input step of inputting an image of the object captured by an image capturing device, and a sensor measuremen
7847844 Information processing apparatus and method for determining whether a detected index is an index December 7, 2010
A sensed image of the physical space is acquired by an image sensing apparatus. One or more indices are detected from the sensed image. The reliability of each of the detected results is determined by calculating a first reliability value based on the sensed image and a second reliab
7812871 Index identification method and apparatus October 12, 2010
The orientation of each index is estimated from a sensed image, and the index detected from the image is identified based on the orientation of an image sensing device and that of the index estimated from known coordinate information of the index. In this way, indices which are locat
7783443 Information processing apparatus, information processing method, and calibration Jig August 24, 2010
When a calibration jig (50) which includes an image sensing device (100) is moved within the image sensing range of an image sensing device (200), the image coordinates of an index (110) on the image sensing device (100) in a plurality of images sensed by the image sensing device (200) a
7782361 Method and apparatus for measuring position and orientation August 24, 2010
A position and an orientation of an image capturing device or an object to which an inclination sensor is mounted are obtained without performing iterative calculation. A position and orientation measuring method includes the steps of: inputting a measured inclination value of an inc
7752008 Method and apparatus for determining position and orientation July 6, 2010
An index detector detects image coordinates of indices arranged on a scene from an image shot by an imaging device. An orientation sensor is attached to the imaging device, and outputs a measured orientation. An orientation prediction unit predicts an orientation of the imaging device
7698094 Position and orientation measurement method and apparatus April 13, 2010
An index detection unit (2030) detects indices allocated or set on an object from a sensed image. An evaluation amount calculation unit (2060) calculates evaluation amounts of the indices using two-dimensional geometric features of the indices on the image and/or three-dimensional ge
7680336 Information processing method and apparatus March 16, 2010
An imaging apparatus index detecting unit detects an index in a physical space from an image captured by an imaging apparatus including a first camera. A position and orientation estimating unit estimates the position and orientation of the imaging apparatus based on information relating
7657065 Marker placement information estimating method and information processing device February 2, 2010
A marker placement information estimating method includes a constraint condition setting step for setting a constraint condition that can be defined with a geometric condition regarding placement information of markers, a capturing step for capturing photographed images including a m
7640129 Information processing apparatus and information processing method December 29, 2009
A calibration information calculation unit (540) calculates a plurality of candidates of first coordinate transformation information using a plurality of candidates of second coordinate transformation information, a sensor measured value, and the position and orientation of a video c
7630555 Position and orientation measuring method and apparatus December 8, 2009
A position and orientation measuring apparatus includes an inside-out index detecting section that can obtain an image from an imaging apparatus and detect an index provided on a measuring object body, an outside-in index detecting section that can observe and detect indices provided
7613361 Information processing method and device November 3, 2009
An information processing device for obtaining placement information regarding an imaging device of markers to be calibrated that are provided upon the imaging device, includes: a first image obtaining unit adapted to obtain a first image photographed with the imaging device; a second
7580027 Method and apparatus for processing information August 25, 2009
An objective viewpoint image of an object captured at an objective viewpoint position is obtained, a measurement value of a sensor is received, information about the image coordinates of calibrating indices is detected from an objective viewpoint image, and two kinds of arrangement i
7558689 Information processing method and system July 7, 2009
An information-processing system for calibrating an orientation sensor mounted on an image-pickup device calculates a relative orientation between the orientation sensor and the image-pickup device by using information about image coordinates of indices detected from a photographed i
7519218 Marker detection method and apparatus, and position and orientation estimation method April 14, 2009
A marker detection method includes the steps of acquiring a captured image, detecting a marker from the captured image, and determining whether or not a surrounding region of the detected marker includes a pixel of a predetermined color. An additional step includes determining, as a
7467061 Information processing method and apparatus for finding position and orientation of targeted obj December 16, 2008
In an information processing method, an orientation sensor is mounted on a targeted object to be measured, and bird's-eye view cameras for capturing images of the targeted object are fixedly installed. From the images captured by the bird's-eye view cameras, an index detecting unit detec
7295697 Depth information measurement apparatus and mixed reality presentation system November 13, 2007
There is disclosed a depth information generation apparatus capable of acquiring high-precision depth information within a short computation time. A depth information generation apparatus of this invention generates depth information at the capture position of a reference image from
7289130 Augmented reality presentation apparatus and method, and storage medium October 30, 2007
A game state manager (201) manages the state of an AR game (information that pertains to rendering of each virtual object (102), the score of a player (101), the AR game round count, and the like). An objective viewpoint video generator (202) generates a video of each virtual object
6951515 Game apparatus for mixed reality space, image processing method thereof, and program storage med October 4, 2005
A game apparatus allows a virtual object to act in a mixed reality space as if it had its own will. A player can play a game with the virtual object. Rules for controlling the action patterns of the virtual object on the basis of the objective of the game, and the relative positional

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