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Sandkamp; Bernhard
Erlangen, DE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8059874 Method for producing a three-dimensional image dataset of a target volume November 15, 2011
The invention relates to a method for producing a three-dimensional image dataset of a target volume by using an examination facility having at least two image recording facilities, each featuring a radiation source and a radiation detector, which can be rotated about an axis of rotation
7965333 Method for noise correction for a flat-panel detector June 21, 2011
For noise correction in connection with a flat-panel x-ray detector (2), noise signals of a dark area (6) are checked for deviations exceeding a specified threshold (g) which, if any are present, will be taken into consideration separately for calculating the correction factor derived
7860282 Method for supporting an interventional medical operation December 28, 2010
With a method for supporting an interventional medical operation, a 3-dimensional image data set is recorded before the method. A positioning system is coupled with the coordinates system of the 3-dimensional image data set. The instrument is positioned and the position of the instrument
7860281 Method for the automatic recognition of an object in an image December 28, 2010
To enable a rapid and safe automatic recognition of the position of the catheter, particularly for an electrophysiological examination with an automatic control system of an electrode catheter, a two-stage image evaluation of an x-ray fluoroscopy image is provided. In the first analy
7801342 Method for determining the position and orientation of an object, especially of a catheter, from September 21, 2010
To determine the position and orientation of an object in a x-ray image the x-ray image is initially pre-processed. A three-dimensional template (data record) of the object based on the known constructional features of the object is created. Three parameters for the position and for the
7778689 Method for localizing a medical instrument introduced into the body of an examination object August 17, 2010
A method for localizing a medical instrument introduced into the body of a patient, comprising: arranging at least four electrodes on the body of the patient, recording three-dimensional image data of a region of the patient, determining a conductivity model of the patient via the imag
7680528 Method for the graphical representation of a medical instrument inserted at least partially into March 16, 2010
The invention provides a method for the graphical representation of a medical instrument inserted at least partially into an object under examination, with an image representing the medical instrument being generated, in that the instrument image is vectorized, with the medical instr
7580503 Diagnostics device comprising an X-ray system with coordinated frequency operation August 25, 2009
The invention relates to a diagnostics device and to a method for the operation thereof comprising an X-ray system for producing X-ray images, the system comprising an X-ray device and an image system for the X-ray device, and a system for locating objects, wherein adjusting means for
7460642 Method for generating an x-ray image sequence December 2, 2008
With a method for generating an x-ray image sequence for supporting an intervention on a patient with a catheter or guide wire for instance, automatic recognition of the catheter is carried out with recorded x-ray images using a computer system. The x-ray image recording parameters are
7331711 Method and foot switch control for fast angulation changes in an x-ray system February 19, 2008
In a method for fast angulation changes in a C-arm x-ray system, and a foot switch for effecting such fast angulation, a pedal of the foot switch that normally has a function not related to angulation of the C-arm is either permanently, or temporarily programmed, to operate as a peda
7248674 Diaphragm unit for an x-ray device July 24, 2007
The invention relates to a diaphragm unit 4 or a diaphragm unit 4 and an associated x-ray emitter 1 with adjustment option for displaying an asymmetrical area under examination, with the diaphragm unit 4 being able to be tilted in accordance with the invention relative to the x-ray e
7236567 Method and apparatus for synchronizing operation of an x-ray system and a magnetic system June 26, 2007
An x-ray apparatus has a flat panel x-ray detector, the operation of which is susceptible to interference by strong magnetic fields. In order to allow the x-ray system to be operated concurrently with a magnetic system, such as a magnetic tracking system or a magnetic localization sy
7212612 X-ray device May 1, 2007
X-ray device with a detector and an adjustable diaphragm for fading-in an examination area, whereby the detector (6) can be controlled and read-out asymmetrically and the diaphragm (8) can be moved asymmetrically.
7178980 X-ray system with operating parameters that are automatically set dependent on the use of auxili February 20, 2007
An x-ray system HAS adjustable operating parameters with a dependency existing between different auxiliary types of equipment selectable for an examination and a suitable setting of the parameter. A control system of the x-ray system has a data input device to detect the used auxiliary
7136456 Depth diaphragm for an x-ray device November 14, 2006
Depth diaphragm for an x-ray device, which diaphragm has a plurality of adjustable diaphragm blades (1) for displaying an area being examined, which blades (1) can be moved in such a way that said area being examined can be displayed asymmetrically.
7110494 X-ray diagnostic apparatus with a patient weighting device associated with the patient positioni September 19, 2006
An x-ray diagnostic apparatus has an x-ray radiator, a control device connected thereto, a radiation detector and a patient positioning table. A patient weighing device that is connected with the control device to influence parameters for setting the x-ray radiation is associated with
7012258 X-ray detector March 14, 2006
An X-ray detector includes an X-ray converter for conversion of X-ray radiation to light, and a photodiode sensor with an arrangement of two or more photodiode elements for detection of the light produced by the X-ray radiation in the X-ray converter. A nonlinearly absorbent filter is
6980626 X-ray arrangement and operating method for compensating scattered radiation December 27, 2005
Method for an x-ray arrangement for compensation of scattered radiation and x-ray apparatusThe invention concerns a method for an x-ray arrangement comprising two x-ray systems (1, 2) for compensation of scattered radiation. In addition, the invention concerns an x-ray apparatus with two

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