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Sakamoto; Masafumi
Kiryu, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7779532 Manufacturing method of hybrid permanent magnet type electric rotating machine August 24, 2010
A manufacturing method of a hybrid permanent magnet type electric rotating machine including a stator that is constructed by winding excitation coils around respective main poles. A rotor is constructed by fixing a first rotor unit, which consists of a pair of rotor cores and a magnetic
7589440 Stepping motor September 15, 2009
A stepping motor includes: a stator having main magnetic poles each having small stator teeth on its tip, a core-back portion that connects outer portions of the poles, and windings wound around the poles; and two sets of rotor units that are arranged in an axial direction and face the
7342330 Hybrid type double three-phase electric rotating machine March 11, 2008
A stator core having twelve stator poles, coils wound around the stator poles, and a hybrid type rotor are included. The stator poles inwardly and radially extended from an annular yoke portion. Each of the respective stator poles has the same number of inductors. The coils are conne
7274805 Method of driving surveillance camera by using rotary electric machine September 25, 2007
There is no surveillance camera system optimum for monitoring an important monitor place by a surveillance camera mainly for crime prevention day and night without humans in attendance, which can automatically monitor the place without humans in attendance and, when something suspicious
7242118 Toroidal-coil linear stepping motor, toroidal-coil linear reciprocating motor, cylinder compress July 10, 2007
A toroidal-coil multi-phase linear stepping motor includes a cylindrical housing, an axis coaxially arranged inside the housing, a cylindrical element supported by the axis and an armature fixed to the housing around the cylindrical element through an air gap in the radial direction. The
6781337 Multi-joint type industrial robot August 24, 2004
In an industrial robot having a plurality of arms, each arm is coupled with other elements, such as a mounting base, another arm, a robotic hand, and revolved by a motion of the revolvable joint. The revolvable joint has a rotary electric connecting structure such as a slip ring or a rot
6765321 Three-phase toroidal coil type permanent magnet electric rotating machine July 20, 2004
A three-phase toroidal coil type electric rotating machine including a rotor that includes a cylindrical permanent magnet having M pairs of N-poles and S-poles that are alternatively arranged around a rotor axis, and a stator that includes three stator units stacked in an axial direc
6731033 Motor-driven system with stator provided with inductors May 4, 2004
There is provided a motor-driven system which realizes an optimum driving mode for an electric automobile, a robot carrier car, a drum of a copying machine, etc., and a motor-driven system having a function as an optimum actuator for such driving. In a rotational electric machine provide
6707178 Permanent magnet type twelve-pole stepping motor March 16, 2004
A stator of the stepping motor of the invention includes an annular shaped yoke portion, a stator iron-core having twelve stator main poles each having a plurality of small teeth on the tip end thereof and stator coils wound in the stator iron-core as three-phase winding. The stator rota
6628338 Direct drive electric motor apparatus incorporating slip ring assembly September 30, 2003
An electric motor apparatus in a direct drive positioning device for positioning for example a television camera or a robot arm along X-Y-Z axes, which provides a direct drive which permits a free and unobstructed continuous rotation over in horizontal, vertical and any other
6504272 Multi-phase electric rotating machine having toroidal coils and using method thereof January 7, 2003
Disclosed is a multi-phase electric rotating machine having toroidal coils that consists of a stator having the number P of stator units (P is integer, P>2), a rotor facing the stator with a predetermined air gap. Each of stator units is formed of a pair of stator iron cores and a
6477918 Rotary electric machine having coaxial output hollow shaft with reduction gear and slip ring November 12, 2002
For driving an actuator which is optimum for and practical in use as a three-dimensionally positioning apparatus for a monitoring camera, a disco-lighting, an antenna, a multi-axis (multi-articular) robot, etc., an inner rotor type rotary electric machine is provided having a coaxial
6225773 Stepping motor and having external rotor and electromagnetic-combined-permanent magnet stator May 1, 2001
A rotor composite type three-phase stepping motor having a stator consisting of two stator elements each having 6 n pieces of stator magnetic pole with Ns pieces of pole tooth formed on the tip end of each stator magnetic pole piece, and a permanent magnet held by the two stator elem
6172438 Two-phase permanent-magnet electric rotating machine January 9, 2001
A two-phase permanent-magnet electric rotating machine in which vibration and noise are less is provided. The machine is constituted by: a stator having 2.sup.n main poles (n being an integer satisfying n.gtoreq.2) each of which has at its end portion a predetermined number of magnetic t
6160330 Three-phase stepping motor and driving method therefor December 12, 2000
A three-phase stepping motor comprising: a rotation shaft rotatably supported by a pair of bearings provided in predetermined places of a housing so as to be in opposition to each other; a permanent-magnet rotor formed in a cylindrical shape so as to have south (S) and north (N) poles
5874795 Multi-phase permanent-magnet type electric rotating machine February 23, 1999
A multi-phase permanent-magnet type electric rotating machine comprising: a permanent magnet type rotor, the permanent magnet type rotor including pairs of magnetic bodies magnetized by an axially magnetized cylindrical permanent magnet and disposed so as to face each other in a manner s
5854526 Three-phase permanent-magnet electric rotating machine December 29, 1998
A three-phase permanent-magnet electric rotating machine having necessary performance which can be realized easily at a low cost, wherein a stator includes a stator iron core having a disc portion and 3n magnetic poles formed so as to be erected at right angles from an outer circumferenc
5780944 Two-phase permanent-magnet electric rotating machine July 14, 1998
A two-phase permanent-magnet electric rotating machine in which vibration and noise are less is provided. The machine is constituted by: a stator having 2.sup.n main poles (n being an integer satisfying n.gtoreq.2) each of which has at its end portion a predetermined number of magnetic t
5410200 Hybrid type stepping motor April 25, 1995
A hybrid stepping motor in which each of two rotor yokes constituting a rotor is divided in its axial direction into at least two rotor yoke portions, the rotor yoke portions constituting one rotor yoke being made to abut on each other with their pole teeth shifted from each other in
5386161 Permanent magnet stepping motor January 31, 1995
The invention relates to a structure of a three-phase permanent magnet stepping motor in which vibration and noise can be reduced and lowering of its output can suppressed even in a high-pulse region. To this end, the motor has a three-phase, six-pole, permanent magnet stator structure,
5243246 Connector assembly for a rotary electric machine September 7, 1993
A connector assembly for a rotary electric machine which has a rotor fixed around a rotary shaft, a stator positioned around the outer periphery of the rotor and having a stator core clamped between a pair of insulators and a plurality of coils attached to the insulators. The rotary elec
4983867 Hybrid-type stepping motor January 8, 1991
A stepping motor includes a stator having a plurality of magnetic poles wound with windings of three phases or four phases, and a rotor formed by a pair of rotary plates each having a multiplicity of gear-like salient poles and an axially magnetized permanent magnet sandwiched between th
4503368 Permanent magnet type stepping motor March 5, 1985
A permanent magnet type stepping motor wherein magnetic poles of a stator core consisting of a cylindrical yoke, a plurality of magnetic poles provided radially around the inside of the cylindrical yoke, and pole teeth formed on the tips of the magnetic poles are divided into two almost
4499391 End bracket for motor February 12, 1985
An end bracket for a motor comprising an inner wall and an outer wall. The inner wall is formed from a thin magnetic shielding material and the outer wall is formed from a non-magnetic material. The inner wall comprises: a larger-diameter cylindrical part having an outside diameter subst
4384226 Small-sized electric motor May 17, 1983
A small-sized electric motor comprising an end bracket of a resin enclosing a stator iron core, on which a winding is mounted, and formed in one end face thereof with a bearing housing for receiving one of bearings and in the other end face thereof with a hole, and an independent bearing
4347457 Permanent magnet type stepping motor August 31, 1982
A circular-plate permanent magnet, with its one side being magnetized as N-pole while the other as S-pole, which is sandwiched between two rotor yokes made of a magnetic circular plate, is mounted on a rotor shaft as one unit, and this unit makes up the rotor. The stator, which is arrang

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