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Sakamoto; Kazuho
Kyoto, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D463365 Magnetic core for transformer for electronic device September 24, 2002
D455715 Bobbin for transformer for electronic device April 16, 2002
6449178 Magnetron drive step-up transformer and transformer of magnetron drive power supply September 10, 2002
A primary winding (1) and a secondary winding (2) are layered concentrically with a magnetic substance forming a main magnetic circuit (13) and the magnetic resistance of a subordinate magnetic circuit (14) placed between the primary winding (1) and the secondary winding (2) is adjus
6362463 High frequency heating apparatus March 26, 2002
A high frequency heating apparatus including a circuit for driving a magnetron. A circuit comprises a leakage transformer, a second capacitor connected in series to primary coil of said leakage transformer, a second switching device connected in parallel with a series circuit of said
5977530 Switching power supply for high frequency heating apparatus November 2, 1999
A switching device is employed in a power supply for driving a magnetron with lower withstand voltage and better controllability. A high frequency heating apparatus comprises a power supply, a leakage transformer connected to the power supply, a first switching device connected in se
5091617 High frequency heating apparatus using inverter-type power supply February 25, 1992
A high-frequency heating apparatus comprises an inverter including a semiconductor switch and a resonance capacitor, a boosting transformer for a supplying high-voltage power and heater to a magnetron an inductance device inserted in the heater circuit of the magnetron, and an inverter
4967051 High-frequency heating apparatus having start control device for magnetron power supply circuit October 30, 1990
A high-frequency heating apparatus comprises a semiconductor power converter which is supplied with electric power from a commercial power supply, a radio wave radiation section which is energized by the semiconductor power converter, a control section which controls the operation of
4886951 Power supply for a magnetron having a rectifying circuit, switching circuit, and transformer December 12, 1989
A power supply for a magnetron includes a rectifying circuit, a switching circuit, and a transformer. The rectifying circuit converts an ac-power source signal into a dc-power source signal. The switching circuit converts the dc-power source signal output from the rectifying circuit
4851629 High-frequency heating device July 25, 1989
In a high-frequency heating device for driving a magnetron at a high frequency between 20 and 50 KHz, the magnetron is provided with a plurality of choke coils, each of which consists of a magnetic core having a sectional area between 40 to 70 mm.sup.2 and an electric wire around the
4812960 Power feeding apparatus March 14, 1989
A power feeding apparatus which is used in a high-frequency heater or the like, is further power-converted by a transformer after the power provided by the power supply such as commercial power supply or the like has been converted into the high-frequency power by a transducer including
4703151 Heating cooking appliance having weight detecting function October 27, 1987
A heating cooking appliance in which a Roberval mechanism, which produces a change in the vibration frequency in accordance with the weight of the food to be heated, is incorporated in a turntable, and the vibration of the turntable is transmitted to the outside of the heating chamber th
4672181 Heating apparatus having a weight detector June 9, 1987
A heating apparatus comprises a housing having a chamber and a door for closing the chamber, and a power supply source to supply heating energy to the chamber. A door-close sensor is provided for detecting when the door is closed. A foodstuff is placed on a table which is vertically mova
4504716 Electronic digital timer March 12, 1985
An electronic digital timer for displaying time information on an electronic digital display device such as a fluorescent display tube. A time setting knob is employed to set time information. By operating the time setting knob in an analog fashion, time information is displayed on t
4276468 Electric home appliances June 30, 1981
An electric home appliance which is automatically controllable with use of a sensor such as temperature sensor or humidity sensor. Variations in terms of analogue quantities given by the sensor are converted to variations in the number of pulses by an oscillator connected to the sens

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