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Rune; Johan
Lidingo, SE
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8284743 Maintaining prefix consistency in dynamic moving networks October 9, 2012
The present invention relates to arrangements providing a solution for maintaining prefix consistency in dynamic (splitting and merging) moving networks and reducing the negative consequences of splits and mergers.
8155029 Method and arrangement for assuring prefix consistency among multiple mobile routers April 10, 2012
The present invention relates to a method and an arrangement in communication systems utilizing network mobility (NEMO). In moving networks comprising a plurality of mobile routers, MRs, it needs to be assured that two or more MRs sharing the same prefix, belong to the same moving ne
8116297 Routing data packets from a moving network to a home network February 14, 2012
A system, method, and router for routing data packets from a moving network to an associated home network. A data packet originating from a mobile network node in the moving network is routed over any of a number of external accesses accessible from different mobile routers, which ad
8098668 Methods and arrangements for LAN emulation communications January 17, 2012
LAN emulation in a moving network environment is disclosed. An emulated LAN encompassing a number of moving networks is formed by means of a set of layer 2 tunnels that interconnect a home agent with mobile routers in the moving networks. The home agent and the mobile routers are arrange
8095084 Non-real-time selection of distributed DHO nodes January 10, 2012
The present invention relates to an arrangement adapted to be located in a network node, e.g. in a RNC, in a mobile communication network. The arrangement selects at least one diversity handover, DHO, node, that is to perform macro diversity functions, amongst the nodes of the mobile
7869405 Arrangements and method for handling macro diversity in UTRAN January 11, 2011
A Diversity Handover, DHO, node is adapted to execute a macro diversity functionality in a mobile telecommunication system. The DHO node performs an uplink combining of Dedicated Channel, DCH, frames. The DHO node estimates the size of an adaptive receive window for receiving the DCH
7746876 Method and mobile routers in a communications system for routing a data packet June 29, 2010
The present invention relates to moving networks in communication systems. An object of the invention is to provide moving network nodes (205, 206) in a moving network (201) with the ability to simultaneously access several external access networks (211, 212, 213) accessible by different
7590732 Enhancement of AAA routing originated from a local access network involving intermediary network September 15, 2009
Enhanced routing of an authentication, authorization, or accounting-related (AAA) message between a local access network associated with a roaming mobile terminal and a home service network is described. A list of one or more intermediary service networks preferred for possible use i
7551926 Terminal-assisted selection of intermediary network for a roaming mobile terminal June 23, 2009
Terminal-assisted selection of intermediary network for a roaming mobile terminal is disclosed. The mobile terminal determines if a local access network is associated with the mobile's home service network. If not, or if the mobile terminal cannot determine whether the local access netwo
7298725 Enhancement of AAA routing initiated from a home service network involving intermediary network November 20, 2007
Enhanced routing of an authentication, authorization, or accounting-related (AAA) message between a local access network being accessed by a roaming mobile terminal and a home service network is described. A list of one or more intermediary service networks use in routing an AAA mess
7292592 Home network-assisted selection of intermediary network for a roaming mobile terminal November 6, 2007
Home network-assisted selection of an intermediary service network for a roaming mobile terminal is disclosed. The selection is based on a list of desired intermediary service networks generated using information associated with the mobile terminal's home service network. In one exam
7031707 Support for features associated with a subscriber in networks with a gateway location register April 18, 2006
A method and apparatus for providing an indication, in a system which uses a gateway location register to reduce signaling between visitor location registers and home location registers, to a home location register of the features not supported by a visitor location register. The indicat
6901057 Intelligent piconet forming May 31, 2005
When connecting a unit to one or more existing ad hoc wireless networks comprising several units, the units e.g. adapted to communicate according to the Bluetooth specification and the network then being formed according to the same specification to comprise one or more piconets, a unit
6788936 Gateway location register fault recovery September 7, 2004
A gateway location register (GLR) can restore data by sending a reset message to all of the visitor location registers (VLR) associated with the GLR. Alternatively, the data in the GLR can be restored when a request for a roaming number is sent to the GLR from a home location register (H
6731932 Methods and systems for handling subscriber data May 4, 2004
Subscriber data in a Super-charged network is handled in a network including a home network entity containing information regarding subscriber in the network and one or more visitor network entities containing subscriber to other networks. A subscriber profile in a visitor network en
6704293 Broadcast as a triggering mechanism for route discovery in ad-hoc networks March 9, 2004
A method and/or an apparatus which places a broadcast message which the source expects a reply message in a broadcast message for route discovery. The combined message is broadcast throughout the ad-hoc network. When the combined broadcast message is received at the destination node, the
6697625 Method in a communication network February 24, 2004
The present invention relates to a method for assigning temporary identities to terminals connected to a communication network forming a geographic network service area with a number of location areas (fixed or dynamically customised), wherein the network service area is divided into
6643511 Administration of regional subscription restriction in a network that includes a gateway locatio November 4, 2003
A method and apparatus for providing regional subscription data in a network where a gateway location register is serving networks in more than one country. Further, regional subscription information is also provided where a gateway location register serves a plurality of networks in the
6466785 Method and apparatus in a communication network October 15, 2002
The present invention relates to a method and an apparatus for providing each terminal (t.sub.1, t.sub.2, t) in a network (n) with an adapted location area (HA.sub.t1, HA.sub.t2, FA.sub.s,, customised to the long term or short term historical movements or behaviour of the
6304913 Internet system and method for selecting a closest server from a plurality of alternative server October 16, 2001
A method and Internet system is provided that attempts to improve response times by automatically selecting for use a server (e.g., mirror server or alternative server) located relatively close to a requesting host. Alternatively, the method and Internet system can automatically select f
6275706 Mobile telecommunications network and method for implementing and identifying hierarchical overl August 14, 2001
A mobile telecommunications network and method for identifying hierarchical and overlapping radio coverage areas including a combination of at least one location area and at least one routing area. More specifically, the mobile telecommunications network includes a first switching center
6212390 Restricted mobility area April 3, 2001
The present invention relates generally to dividing a cellular mobile communications system into general geographic areas. The cellular system is logically divided into an access provider, having knowledge of and controlling access to the system over the air interface, and a core ser
6181940 Methods and apparatus for location area scheme negotiation in communications systems January 30, 2001
Methods and apparatus allow a communications network and a mobile terminal to dynamically negotiate for a preferred location area registration scheme, a preferred communications protocol and/or a preferred communications standard. As a result, differently configured equipment can coe
6151495 GRAN access port addressing method and apparatus November 21, 2000
The present invention relates generally to the problem of finding the correct access port when an access attempt is made by a subscriber belonging to a core network that can not change access port for a particular subscriber. For core networks without support for terminal mobility, a
6038439 Method and device in a telecommunications system March 14, 2000
The present invention relates to a charging method in a telecommunications system (TS) when information is being transmitted in a generic radio based access network (GRAN) to which two or more service networks (SN1, SN2, SN3) with different specified standards are connected. The access n
5850444 Method and apparatus for encrypting radio traffic in a telecommunications network December 15, 1998
A generic communications network provides an encrypted communications interface between service networks and their subscribers. When communications are initiated between a subscribing communications terminal and the generic network, the terminal compares a stored network identifier a

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