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Ruger; William B.
Croydon, NH
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D416305 Lever action rifle November 9, 1999
D359788 Laser housed pistol June 27, 1995
D346196 Grooved pistol slide April 19, 1994
D345407 Compact pistol March 22, 1994
D345194 Pistol barrel March 15, 1994
D345001 Pistol barrel tip March 8, 1994
D304223 Rifle stock with inserts October 24, 1989
D301911 Small revolver with hammer June 27, 1989
D300057 Grip panel for handgun February 28, 1989
D297855 Rifle stock September 27, 1988
D297344 Elongated frame revolver August 23, 1988
D296349 Revolver June 21, 1988
D293357 Set of grip panels for a handgun December 22, 1987
D292112 Pistol September 29, 1987
D275494 Scope mount for a rifle or similar firearm September 11, 1984
5992074 Muzzle-loaded firearm with bolt travel limitation November 30, 1999
A muzzle-loading firearm having a bolt, a receiver, a striker mounted in the bolt and a breech plug or other part of the receiver carrying a percussion cap in which the bolt has an extension engageable with the breech plug to prevent inadvertent engagement of the striker and percussi
5758444 Hammer cocking bolt locking system for lever operating firearm June 2, 1998
A lever action firearm having a receiver, a hammer, a lever pivotal about a fixed point, a bolt and a link which link is pivotal on both the bolt and the lever. The pivotal lever includes first surface means to engage second surface means on the hammer to cause the hammer to be cammed ba
5741996 Firearm frame including a firearm barrel and trigger mount control mechanism April 21, 1998
A firearm frame constructed of plastic material having slide rail guidance members in the forward, central and rear portions of the frame. The frame is useful with a barrel unit which is cammed back and down by slide reciprocation and by a cam block which with barrel movement being arres
5651205 Bolt and firing pin locking system for firearm July 29, 1997
An autoloading firearm having a reciprocating bolt, a cocking lever and firing pin which bolt and firing pin are locked by a locking lever until the trigger is pulled or until the cocking lever of the bolt is manually pulled back. A linkage operably controlled by the trigger causes the
5632108 Method of manufacturing of molded firearm part with insert and part May 27, 1997
A method of manufacturing a firearm part and the part so manufactured in which the part is molded in a mold having secured therein an insert unit and after demolding a portion of such insert unit is removed to create an identification surface.
5426881 Lever arrangement for automatic pistol for positioning firing pin and for decocking June 27, 1995
A device or arrangement for automatic firearms in which a transverse rotatable element is mounted in the slide is operable to move by camming action the firing pin partially forward to avoid being struck by the hammer, all prior to its further functioning to rotate the sear to release
5426880 Elongated element for biasing the trigger bar and controlling the slide stop latch in an automat June 27, 1995
An elongated configured spring which biases the trigger bar of a pistol rearwardly and upwardly and engages the slide top latch to prevent its transverse movement. The spring is anchored in the frame and trigger bar under tension. The spring is long and narrow requiring little space in t
5275084 Reinforced slide configuration for automatic pistol January 4, 1994
Reinforcement elements are attached to the exterior surface of the slide of an automatic weapon to prevent cracking of the slide at its most vunerable locations.
5267406 Automatic pistol ejector mounted in frame and interlocking with hammer pivot pin December 7, 1993
An ejector mounting arrangement in a pistol frame cavity readily disassembled in which a pivot pin unit includes spring loaded detents engageable in holes in the cavity walls. The holes communicate with the exterior of the pistol so the detents can be pushed into the cavity to allow
4860480 Firearm receiver including scope mount arrangement August 29, 1989
Broadly, the present invention is a telescopic base mount arrangement integrally formed by casting or other process with the receiver for the mounting and holding a telescope sight close to the barrel together with clamp engagement means.
4835892 Magazine latch for pistol June 6, 1989
An ambidextrous magazine latch arrangement for a pistol in which a hand-operable cross lever is positioned by resilient means against a frame portion of the pistol handle with lever ends protruding on either side of the handle. The lever has a latch protrusion which protrudes into the
4815226 Rifle floor plate latch March 28, 1989
A magazine floor plate latch mechanism including a lever pivotally mounted in the trigger guard which lever is sized, shaped and housed so that it cannot be actuated from within the trigger guard. The lever protrudes from an exit located in the front of the trigger guard a sufficient dis
4771562 Grips for handguns September 20, 1988
A handgun handle construction including a handle frame, elastomer grip element portions positioned on the sides, including as desired on the front and back sides, of the handle frame. The elastomer grip element portions have recesses to each receive a non-deformable insert element. F
4766687 Trigger and trigger guard spring system August 30, 1988
The present invention comprises a handgun having a frame, a trigger, a removable trigger guard mounted on the frame through a releasable latch mounted on the trigger guard and engageable with the frame wherein a spring mounted on the trigger guard urges (a) the latch to its frame eng
4742635 Revolver barrel and frame incorporating integral telescopic sight mounts May 10, 1988
A handgun having an elongated frame with a barrel seated against the frame and threaded to the frame in which the threads and seating surfaces are spaced apart a sufficient distance so that a telescopic recess mount means integral with the frame can be located therebetween without weaken
4674216 Synthetic material rifle stock with panel inserts June 23, 1987
A rifle stock having its forearm, mid-stock and butt section comprised of a one piece plastic structural framework together with attached insert panels. The plastic framework is a lightweight readily moldable structure consisting of web walls having thicknesses, spacing and openings to
4658528 Revolver handle structure April 21, 1987
A handgun grip arrangement in which both large and small grip panels may be interchangeably accommodated. A grip frame projection substantially smaller than the large grip depends from and forms part of the handgun frame.Pairs of large or pairs of small grip panels are opposingly positio
4627184 Ejector manually operable to rotate firing pin block for slide removal and disassembly December 9, 1986
An ejector for automatic pistols having a reciprocating breech block, or slide, the ejector capable of being manually moved from an operating cartridge ejecting position to a disassembly position where it lowers a frame-mounted firing pin block and permits the slide to be disassembled by
4625445 Grips for handguns December 2, 1986
A grip for a handgun including a deformable elastomer grip part positioned on each side of the handgun handle. One or more of the grip parts has a recess in its outside to receive a non-deformable stiffening element. The size and shape of the recess and stiffening element can be varied t
4593488 Receiver for bolt action firearm and method of manufacture June 10, 1986
A receiver for a bolt action rifle having at least one seat surface for seating a bolt lug. The seat surface is positioned on a rearward portion of the receiver adjacent a breech opening and the surface is formed by movement of a broach through such opening.
4593487 Latch arrangement for pistol spring strut June 10, 1986
The pistol handle has a recess for housing a mainspring housing which is also a lanyard loop body and hammer strut unit in a releasable catch arrangement. The lanyard loop body, hammer strut, and mainspring are telescopically aligned and are withdrawn from the pistol as a unitized sy
4590697 Ambidextrous safety mechanism May 27, 1986
A two-position manual safety arrangement for an automatic pistol which pistol has a pivotal firing pin, a hammer blocking means, a trigger bar, a sear rotated by the pin blocking means and a configured slide. The safety arrangement includes a safety lever body rotatably mounted in the sl
4577430 Trigger and spring mount mechanism March 25, 1986
A trigger mechanism for firearms having a slide, a trigger and a trigger bar in which the trigger includes a cam section which is mounted for rotary movement in a frame recess housing. A spring biasing arrangement urges the trigger cam against frame recess surfaces and urges its trigger
4575963 Pistol mechanism for blocking firing pin March 18, 1986
A frame-mounted firing pin blocking piece for blocking a semi-automatic pistol firing pin which blocking piece at all times blocks the firing pin except just prior to and at firing. The blocking piece is rotated to its unblocking position by action of a trigger bar which bar is in turn
4569145 Inactivating selector arrangement for bolt action firearms February 11, 1986
An inactivating selector arrangement for a bolt action firearm for inactivating the sear and trigger and for inactivating the bolt. The multiposition selector is rotatable to a first position to restrain the sear-trigger; to a second position to restrain both sear-trigger and bolt an
4290220 Lightweight stock and frame construction for a firearm September 22, 1981
The lightweight stock and frame construction for a firearm involves replacing a substantial portion of the side walls of the metal frame with forwardly extending portions of the side walls of the wooden or plastic stock. Specifically, the right hand and left hand sides of the stock are

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