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Ross; John Anderson Fergus
Schenectady, NY
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6304996 High-speed turbo decoder October 16, 2001
A high-speed turbo decoder utilizes a MAP decoding algorithm and includes a streamlined construction of functional units, or blocks, amenable to ASIC implementation. A gamma block provides symbol-by-symbol a posteriori state transition probability estimates. Two gamma probability functio
6275187 System and method for directing an adaptive antenna array August 14, 2001
A system for directing a receiving lobe of an adaptive antenna array toward an aircraft in flight includes an aircraft position vector calculator and an antenna weight vector generator. The aircraft position vector calculator receives aircraft position information from an aircraft tr
6263467 Turbo code decoder with modified systematic symbol transition probabilities July 17, 2001
A feedback control for a turbo decoder controls the feedback between component decoders of the turbo decoder by substituting either a neutral value or a weighted value for the channel transition probabilities utilized by each component decoder during the iterative decoding process. A
6223319 Turbo code decoder with controlled probability estimate feedback April 24, 2001
A feedback control for a turbo decoder controls the feedback between component decoders by modifying updated a priori probabilities calculated by one component decoder and used as inputs to another component decoder during the decoding process, resulting in a significant performance
6175934 Method and apparatus for enhanced service quality through remote diagnostics January 16, 2001
The present invention provides for satellite-based remote monitoring of equipment under test to perform predictive assessment from a central diagnostic site which houses a central diagnostic station. The satellite-based remote diagnostic system monitors several machines at various ge
6154155 General frame-based compression method November 28, 2000
A method of coding and compressing telemetry data makes use of the fact that the telemetry frames are typically highly correlated at a distance, .delta., corresponding to commutation or data periodicities. The existence of such periodicity is used to render a portion of each frame to zer
6128765 Maximum A posterior estimator with fast sigma calculator October 3, 2000
Forward and backward recursive calculations in a maximum a posteriori decoding process are performed in parallel processes, rather than sequentially, allowing the a posteriori transition probabilities to be calculated in the same time interval as the recursions, thereby reducing deco
6108524 Inbound messaging transmission device and system for railcar asset tracking using high frequency August 22, 2000
An asymmetrical (inbound only) high frequency communication system for asset tracking is made up of a message preparation and transmitter subsystem, a receiving subsystem, and a system monitoring subsystem. A transmission channel is selected randomly or pseudorandomly. Prior to each
6061388 Spread spectrum communication system with frequency-separated message and reference signals May 9, 2000
A method and apparatus for implementing a spread spectrum communication system of the "transmitted reference" type provides both multipath and interference protection with little complexity. Need for a local reference is avoided by transmitting a reference that the receiver can use to
5983384 Turbo-coding with staged data transmission and processing November 9, 1999
Turbo-coding in a communications system involves coding/decoding information in stages in order to avoid retransmission of a full L-bit packet upon occurrence of a packet error. In addition to a set of code bits generated by an encoder using a turbo-coding scheme, a punctured set of
5774493 Sequence constructions for delay-and-correlate transmitted reference signaling June 30, 1998
A direct conversion receiver for delay-and-correlate transmitted reference spread spectrum signaling apparatus improves the performance of a delay-and-correlate transmitted reference spread spectrum communication system with essentially no added complexity over prior designs. The mes
5774492 Low-complexity direct conversion receiver for delay-and-correlate transmitted reference signalin June 30, 1998
A direct conversion receiver for a delay-and-correlate transmitted reference spread spectrum signaling method and apparatus is based on minimal component digital circuitry instead of analog delay and multiplier circuits. The method allows direct RF to baseband conversion and eliminat
5761238 Transmitted reference spread spectrum communications system June 2, 1998
A low complexity and low cost transmitted reference spread spectrum communications system provides several methods of generating a suitable wideband carrier, a method for combining the wideband carrier with a narrowband modulated wideband carrier, and a number of implementations of a

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