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Reisinger; Frank
Oranienburg, DE
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8292525 Printer with thermotransfer print head and method for control thereof October 23, 2012
In a method for controlling a print head with a number of printing elements operating according to the thermotransfer principle, an energy quantity is fed to a printing element in a feed step in order to transfer ink from an ink carrier device associated with the print head to a subs
7963630 Method for setting the relative speed between a print head and a recording medium in a thermotra June 21, 2011
In a method and thermotransfer printing device for setting the speed of a relative movement between the print head and a recording medium during a printing procedure in the thermotransfer printing device, in particular for setting the transport speed of a mail piece in a thermotransfer
7739205 Arrangement for loading rate tables June 15, 2010
An arrangement for loading rate tables has a switchover module that is connected between a meter of a postage meter machine and a modem, between a postage calculator of an external scale and the modem. A control line drives the switchover module, so that the modem and the postage cal
7609284 Method for quality improvement of printing with a thermotransfer print head and arrangement for October 27, 2009
In a method and apparatus for improving the printing with a thermotransfer print head, an energy value is calculated before the printing process according to different types to be implemented when a dot is to be printed. Energy values also are calculated for the heating elements at t
7577617 Method for the dependable transmission of service data to a terminal equipment and arrangement f August 18, 2009
In a method and apparatus for dependable transmission of data from a data center to terminal equipment, particularly transmission of fee schedule table data to a postage-calculating scale or postage meter machine, new postage fee schedule table data are offered at the data center for fut
7508405 Thermotransfer printer, and method for controlling activation of printing elements of a print he March 24, 2009
In a printer and a method for control of the print head thereof operating according to the thermotransfer principle, the print head having a number of printing elements for which an energy quantity to be supplied to one of the printing elements is determined in a determination step and t
7411599 Printing mail processing apparatus with improved mailpiece throughput August 12, 2008
A mail processing apparatus has a field table and a printer disposed above the feed table for printing indicia on a mailpiece moved in a movement direction along the feed table. A start sensor detects a leading edge of the mailpiece and supplies a signal to a microprocessor controller th
7256804 Arrangement and method for activation of a thermotransfer print head August 14, 2007
An arrangement for activation of a thermotransfer print head has a unit to determine a transport delay and a unit to generate supplementary heating pulses to maintain a temperature required for printing at the thermo-printing heating elements. The unit to determine a transport delay
6820066 Arrangement and method for storing data relating to the usage of a terminal device November 16, 2004
In an arrangement and method for storing data about usage of a terminal device, a statistical memory is provided for the usage data, which are stored in statistical classes. A processor is connected to the statistical memory and a program memory and is programmed for automatic class
6615196 Method for data input into a postage computer and arrangement for the implementation of the meth September 2, 2003
In a method and apparatus for data input into a postage computer loading and updating of rate table data in the postage computer, take place with two operations being separated from one another in time. The transmission and storage of a new postage fee schedule table in a postage compute
6148292 Method for statistics mode reloading and for statistical acquisition according to statistics cla November 14, 2000
In a method for statistics mode reloading and for the statistical acquisition in the storage of a dataset in an electronic postage meter machine, the statistics mode of the electronic postage meter machine created for the acquisition of pre-compressed data according to statistics cla
6064991 Interchangeable postage calculating module and method for data transmission May 16, 2000
An interchangeable postage calculating module and a corresponding method for data transmission to a basic device such as a postage meter machine or a scale, allow a high degree of flexibility in accommodating future changes in postage calculation formats and techniques. The interchangeab

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