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Rambaruth; Ratna
Guildford, GB
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7643658 Display arrangement including face detection January 5, 2010
A display arrangement comprises an image display device having a first camera directed towards positions adopted by users viewing the display; one or more further cameras directed towards other respective locations; a face detector for detecting human faces in images captured by the
7636456 Selectively displaying information based on face detection December 22, 2009
A display arrangement comprises an image display device having two or more sets of images for display; a camera directed towards positions adopted by users viewing the display; a face detector for detecting human faces in images captured by the camera, the face detector being arranged to
7636453 Object detection December 22, 2009
A video data processing apparatus, that processes video data including a sequence of images, the apparatus including: an object tracker unit configured to detect a presence of one or more objects within an image and to track a detected object across successive images; an identity ass
7630561 Image processing December 8, 2009
An image processing method for selecting a subset of n (where n is two or more) images representative of a test set of images. The method includes detecting a degree of similarity between images in the test set of images so that the subset of images comprises those n images having su
7515739 Face detection April 7, 2009
A face detection apparatus associated methodology is provided to generate an output indicating a likelihood of a region of an image containing a face. The apparatus includes a comparing device for comparing the region with face data that indicates a presence of the face and for detecting
7430314 Face detection September 30, 2008
Face detection apparatus generating an output indicative of the likelihood of test regions of a test image containing a face comprises: means for deriving a plurality of sets of image attribute data from the test region, each set relating to the test region scaled by a respective dif
7421149 Object detection September 2, 2008
A system and associated methodology of detecting objects using multiple sets of object probability data relating to different respective expected object sizes relative to the image size. A list of locations in an image where an object has been detected is stored, the list defining a
7336830 Face detection February 26, 2008
Video face detection apparatus in which a test image from a video sequence is compared with an image property model derived from image properties of a region detected to contain a face in a preceding image in the video sequence comprises: selecting a predetermined proportion of pixels in

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