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Porter; Robert Mark Stefan
Winchester, GB
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8284238 Image processing apparatus and method October 9, 2012
An image processing apparatus and a method for generating a three dimensional representation of a scene, which includes a plurality of objects disposed on a plane, is disclosed. The three dimensional representation is generated from one or more video images of the scene, which includ
8243196 Motion adaptive image processing August 14, 2012
A method of image processing for converting interlaced images to progressive scan images comprises the steps of generating a motion dependent mixing value for determining the extent to which a preceding image field should be mixed with a current intra-field interpolated image field a
8212920 Apparatus and method of motion adaptive image processing July 3, 2012
A method of image processing for conversion of an image in a sequence of images comprises the steps of associating pixels of an image with respective motion values indicative of a degree of inter-image motion for each pixel; adjusting the motion value of each pixel based upon the mot
8130962 Content protection method and apparatus March 6, 2012
There is disclosed a content protection method and apparatus. The content protection method and apparatus further improves such related schemes by facilitating spatial as well as temporal management of content. This is achieved by storing encrypted content and a corresponding decryption
8086075 Motion adaptive image processing December 27, 2011
An image processing method for image conversion by combining two or more source values based on a mixing parameter to generate an output pixel value. A metric is calculated for a selected pixel at a given image field based on the directly preceding image field and a spatially interpolate
8055094 Apparatus and method of motion adaptive image processing November 8, 2011
An image processing apparatus includes a first motion detector, a second motion detector and a conversion selector. The first motion detector detects motion to a first level of spatial frequency sensitivity. The second motion detector detects motion to a second level of spatial frequ
8013899 Camera arrangement and method September 6, 2011
A camera arrangement comprising a plurality of camera elements and a corresponding method of arranging camera elements is described. The camera arrangement improves the resolution of a stitched image by maintaining a uniform overlap between the fields of view of adjacent camera eleme
7739598 Media handling system June 15, 2010
A media handling system in which candidate video sequences are displayed on a display screen in schematic form for selection by a user comprises means for detecting human faces in the candidate video sequences; a display screen for displaying representations of the candidate video se
7643658 Display arrangement including face detection January 5, 2010
A display arrangement comprises an image display device having a first camera directed towards positions adopted by users viewing the display; one or more further cameras directed towards other respective locations; a face detector for detecting human faces in images captured by the
7636456 Selectively displaying information based on face detection December 22, 2009
A display arrangement comprises an image display device having two or more sets of images for display; a camera directed towards positions adopted by users viewing the display; a face detector for detecting human faces in images captured by the camera, the face detector being arranged to
7636453 Object detection December 22, 2009
A video data processing apparatus, that processes video data including a sequence of images, the apparatus including: an object tracker unit configured to detect a presence of one or more objects within an image and to track a detected object across successive images; an identity ass
7630561 Image processing December 8, 2009
An image processing method for selecting a subset of n (where n is two or more) images representative of a test set of images. The method includes detecting a degree of similarity between images in the test set of images so that the subset of images comprises those n images having su
7522772 Object detection April 21, 2009
Image object detection apparatus in which test regions of a test image are compared with an image property model, a mask defining a subset of pixel positions within a test region, comprises means for comparing pixel properties in the test image defined by the test regions with the image
7515739 Face detection April 7, 2009
A face detection apparatus associated methodology is provided to generate an output indicating a likelihood of a region of an image containing a face. The apparatus includes a comparing device for comparing the region with face data that indicates a presence of the face and for detecting
7490123 Data compression February 10, 2009
A data compression apparatus for performing data compression on input data comprises a quantisation parameter estimation arrangement for deriving an estimated value of a quantisation parameter used in a previous compression/decompression cycle applied to the input data, by detecting
7430314 Face detection September 30, 2008
Face detection apparatus generating an output indicative of the likelihood of test regions of a test image containing a face comprises: means for deriving a plurality of sets of image attribute data from the test region, each set relating to the test region scaled by a respective dif
7421149 Object detection September 2, 2008
A system and associated methodology of detecting objects using multiple sets of object probability data relating to different respective expected object sizes relative to the image size. A list of locations in an image where an object has been detected is stored, the list defining a
7336830 Face detection February 26, 2008
Video face detection apparatus in which a test image from a video sequence is compared with an image property model derived from image properties of a region detected to contain a face in a preceding image in the video sequence comprises: selecting a predetermined proportion of pixels in
7227900 Differential encoding June 5, 2007
An encoding apparatus operable to encode video data representing successive images, each image including a plurality of pixels. The apparatus includes a differential encoder arranged to encode each image as one or more predetermined image regions. Each image is being encoded as a ref
6993080 Signal processing January 31, 2006
A decoder 2 decodes a first compressed digital video bitstream whilst preserving the compression parameters thereof, the compression parameters including a first buffer occupancy value VBV.sub.--1 representing the occupancy by the said first bitstream of a buffer of the decoder. A si

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