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Pipon; Yves
Flers, FR
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5050932 Shaped junction portions of tubes of an articulated seat frame September 24, 1991
In the shaped junction portion, each end of the seat and back frame is deformed in order to obtain a flattened portion in a central area conveniently stiffened by thickened areas, raised edges, or protruding outer lips providing thereby for a perfect application of the shaped end of
4950088 Slide having an upper profile element and a lower profile element designed for making a floating August 21, 1990
The lower profile element is substantially of a U-shaped section and includes wings having each a median zone with a semi-cylindrical channel prolongated by a bent-over portion provided for covering V-bent vertical ends of side branches of the upper profile element. A wing of the lower
4925228 Simple memory mechanism comprising a mechanical jack for tilting over control on the front of a May 15, 1990
Each front seat has under the base plate in its median longitudinal axis a rack connector rod and a mechanical bolt, this rack connector rod cooperating with a box joined to the floor of the vehicle via a framing and a brace, this box containing a blockable motor device. The entire a
4898356 Reversible endless screw slides authorizing a micro millimetric controlled displacement and incl February 6, 1990
The reversible endless screw slides are fixed by their lower fixed elements to the vehicle floor via a base plate. The base plate is mounted under at least one of the two slides and carries a profile section forming a rack cooperating with a reversible endless screw and which can be lock
4895038 Reinforced double toothing planet wheel for a micrometric articulation used more especially in v January 23, 1990
The planet wheel has either toothings having different diameters but a same tooth module or toothings of a same diameter but different tooth modules. The toothings are produced by die stamping of a disc down to a certain depth which provides, in the median plane of the disc, a central ch
4842232 Curved slide member June 27, 1989
A curved slide member having an inner section and an outer section, with one of these inner and outer sections being movable relative to the other, which is fixed. A Z-shaped rack is fixedly mounted on one of the inner and outer sections. A pinion is carried by that inner or outer sectio
4789205 Articulation for a seat back comprising a composite bearing plate December 6, 1988
The articulation comprises in combination a fixed flange, a mobile flange, a slidable composite bearing plate and a cam. The fixed flange is provided with a lower recess and the mobile flange is provided with a recess in registration with and larger than the lower recess of the fixed fla
4787593 Device for adjusting the trim of a vehicle seat November 29, 1988
The device enables a trim adjustment of the vehicle seat. An upper side of each upper section of a slide member carries two square members having vertical wings. The vertical wings maintain, at their upper ends either frontwardly or rearwardly of the seat, spindles on which is articulate
4770464 Articulation members for back portion of vehicle seats September 13, 1988
The articulation member comprises asymetrically guided bearing plates. A fixed flange is shaped in order to support, by means of sectors, sliding bearing plates having an upper toothing pitch corresponding to pitch of a toothing of a movable flange. The bearing plates are normally pushed
4743067 Rapid locking device for an articulated seat May 10, 1988
A rapid locking device for an articulated seat including an outer casing having a central spindle connected to one side of a seat-back frame, the outer casing containing a second casing which is star-shaped and carries a swing bar on which are mounted idle serrated rollers placed between
4690458 Rapid locking device for an articulated seat September 1, 1987
A rapid locking device for an articulated seat including an outer casing having a central spindle connected to one side of a seat-back frame, the outer casing containing a second casing which is star-shaped and carries a swing bar on which are mounted idle serrated rollers placed between
4641806 Screw slide system having a manual or electric control or the like February 10, 1987
The slide comprises two fixed lower sections and two upper sections. A gear-down mechanism is rigidly connected to one of the upper sections, the fixed lower section having an inner face provided with a toothing forming a rack. Reversible endless screws are mounted on a shaft able to rot
4634181 Round hinged-part for land, sea and air vehicle seats January 6, 1987
The round hinged-part comprises a fixed flange having a central opening receiving a main piece supporting a cam on which is mounted a double satellite with inner and outer tooth sets cooperating respectively with tooth sets of the fixed and movable flanges, a circular cut-off part of

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