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Petit; Dominique
Verton, FR
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8142504 System for fixing a part to a bone element March 27, 2012
The invention relates to a system which is used to fix a part to a bone element. The invention is essentially characterized in that it consists of: at least one hole which is disposed in part; a rigid rod comprising a first end, the rod being wound into a spiral along a first helicoidal
7879101 Intervertebral prosthesis February 1, 2011
An intervertebral prosthesis includes at least one core which is positioned between an upper plate and a lower plate, the prosthesis also includes an outer casing. The aforementioned plates comprise respective inner faces which enable the core to move inside the prosthesis.
7850718 Connecting device for spinal osteosynthesis December 14, 2010
A connecting device for spinal osteosynthesis has an osseous anchoring device, a connector that accommodates a joining shaft and is fixed to one end of the anchoring device, and a tightening device for immobilizing the joining shaft. The connecting device is characterized in that the
7837715 Connecting assembly for spinal osteosynthesis November 23, 2010
A connecting assembly for spinal osteosynthesis has a bone anchoring element including a connection zone designed to co-operate with a connecting device. The connecting device comprises in its lower part a spherical shape designed to enable the connecting device to be freely position
7717941 Linking element for dynamically stabilizing a spinal fixing system and spinal fixing system comp May 18, 2010
A linking element for a spinal fixing system is designed to link at least two implantable connecting assemblies. The linking element is formed at least partly of a support made of polymeric material and of two rods with a first rod, bent or not, substantially coaxial with the support, an
7651516 Connection assembly for the field of spinal osteosynthesis and method for using at least one suc January 26, 2010
A connection assembly for spinal osteosynthesis has a bone-anchor having a connection zone intended to cooperate with a connection device, in which the connection device has, in its lower part, a spherical shape in order to permit a free positioning of the connection device in connector.
6656190 Implant prehension device December 2, 2003
A prehension device for grasping an implant, implanting the implant and manipulating the implant including prehension means intended to cooperate with receiving means, wherein the prehension means has a form shaped like an arc of a circle, the peripheral edges of which are provided with

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