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Petersen; Godber
Augsburg, DE
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7469636 Printing unit for a press December 30, 2008
A printing unit having at least one press unit, the, or each, press unit having at least one form cylinder, a transfer cylinder, an inking unit and preferably a damping unit, and having at least one imaging device for imaging and/or de-imaging a rewritable and erasable printing form
7290488 Apparatus and method for changing printing sleeves on a printing machine November 6, 2007
The invention provides an apparatus for the mounting and/or demounting of at least two printing sleeves outside a printing unit of a printing machine. The printing sleeves include an outer printing sleeve forming a printing surface and an inner printing sleeve providing diameter comp
7228798 Printing machine June 12, 2007
A web-fed printing machine is provided. The printing machine includes a plurality of printing units. A first work station precedes the printing units. A second work station follows the printing units. At least one lifting device is assigned to the printing units for transporting prin
7117793 Apparatus for the transportation of printing sleeves October 10, 2006
An apparatus for transporting printing sleeves is provided. The transport apparatus includes a housing with a bottom wall, a plurality of side walls, and at least one cover. A plurality of reception devices are mounted in the housing. Each reception device receives a printing sleeve
6973875 Printing machine with image-setting device for a rotary printing machine December 13, 2005
A rotary printing machine having a plurality of printing-unit cylinders mounted one above another on a side wall, their axes lying in a plane inclined with respect to the plane of the printing-material web. An image-setting device is arranged wholly within the range of the obtuse ang
6945169 Apparatus for producing printing plates September 20, 2005
Apparatus for producing printing plates in particular a blank sleeve-like printing plate, includes a cylinder carrier for receiving a printing plate, the cylinder carrier being held in cantilever fashion at one end in a frame in a mounting and is driven by a motor, it being possible for
6928930 Device for cleaning printing cylinders August 16, 2005
A complete cleaning system for printing cylinders within a rotary printing press, by which a reactive erasing of ink-bearing layers, including the removal of filling materials from a gravure printing form, and a cleaning of ink from all form and transfer cylinders are possible during the
6862986 Apparatus for setting the lateral register for printing units of rotary presses March 8, 2005
An apparatus for setting the lateral register of a printing unit of a rotary press that prints on a paper web includes a first bearing block configured as a locating bearing arranged on the drive side of a forme cylinder; and a second bearing block configured as a floating bearing on
6848362 Varnishing apparatus February 1, 2005
To provide a varnishing apparatus for indirect printing with the lowest possible structural outlay, a varnishing mechanism of the varnishing apparatus for varnishing webs includes a form cylinder and a transfer cylinder, the web running between the transfer cylinders. At least one of
6832555 Aligning apparatus for printing units of printing presses December 21, 2004
An aligning apparatus for heavy loads, in particular a printing unit, includes at least one support plate, which is rotatably mounted on a base plate screwed to an erection surface and can be positioned on the base plate with regard to its horizontal position by means of adjusting screws
6725774 Cylinder of a rotary printing machine April 27, 2004
In order to manufacture a cylinder of a rotary printing machine cost-effectively, its cylinder body is assembled from a cylinder casing and a first and second side part located at the ends of the cylinder casing, one and the same first and second side part being capable of being comp
6681694 Web-fed rotary printing machine January 27, 2004
In order to provide a rotary printing machine for direct printing, in which the printing-assembly cylinders are guided in a stable manner by means of a cost-effective device, the forme cylinder and the impression cylinder of a printing assembly are mounted, adjustably in terms of their m
6668717 Web-fed rotary printing machine December 30, 2003
In order to provide a rotary printing machine for direct printing, in which the printing-assembly cylinders are arranged in a space-saving way, there is arranged in side walls at least one double printing assembly containing two form cylinders which are located one above the other, each
6568322 Stand of printing unit May 27, 2003
In order to provide a stand of a printing unit of a rotary printing machine, said stand being capable of being produced cost-effectively and having high inherent rigidity, a left-hand and a right-hand side wall are placed onto a bottom plate and screwed to the latter and are also provide
6557467 Printing unit May 6, 2003
A printing unit is provided for a web-fed rotary printing machine, having a plurality of cylinders with associated drive motor, an additional device for printing an at least two guide elements. At least one cylinder is a plate cylinder. At least one guide element corresponds to the plate
6543356 Cylinder in equipment for producing printing plates April 8, 2003
A cylinder in equipment for making printing plates is provided which allows exposure of a cylinder that is mounted on both sides to be detached at a point of separation on a via side opposite its drive, a journal can be detached. The cylinder is driven by a blocking device capable of bei
6543352 Printing unit April 8, 2003
A printing unit for a web fed rotary printing machine is provided including a machine frame support, two sets of printing unit cylinders, carriages, drive motors and guide elements. The two sets of printing unit cylinders, include a plurality of outer printing unit cylinders and a plural
6520083 Apparatus for producing printing plates having movable journal for axial removal of plate February 18, 2003
An apparatus for producing printing plates on a supporting cylinder is provided. Mountings arranged on a frame accommodate a blank printing plate arranged on a supporting cylinder. The supporting cylinder is driven by a motor. The apparatus allows the supporting cylinder to be exposed at
6502509 Printing unit for a rotary printing machine with cross slide January 7, 2003
Rotary printing machine with forme and impression cylinders for variable-format or variable-circumference printing and with service apparatus which are capable of being moved radially in relation to the printing-unit cylinders for throw-on or throw-off movements and in the axial dire
6494135 Printing unit for a web fed rotary printing machine December 17, 2002
A printing unit for a web-fed rotary printing machine is provided including a plurality of cylinders; a corresponding drive motor for each of the cylinders; a machine frame includes at least one load bearing wall, including two mutually facing wall surfaces perpendicular to a plane t
6463648 Method for the installation and removal of a cylinder of a printing machine and device for this October 15, 2002
In the installation and removal of a cylinder of a printing machine, in which the cylinder has a middle drum and two lateral bearing, stubs which are capable of being secured releasably to the drum and of being connected to one another by means of a central spindle which passes through t
6443060 Device for feeding a pressure medium to a cylinder bearing a printing plate or a rubber blanket September 3, 2002
A feed assembly is provided which feeds a pressure medium to a cylinder and fixes the cylinder in position, independently of whether or not the pressure medium to be connected is supplied. A feed part can be placed on a feed opening of the cylinder by an actuating element which can be
6397743 Printing unit June 4, 2002
A printing unit for a web-fed rotary printing machine is provided having at least one carrying wall, a plurality of cylinders mounted on the carrying wall, a drive motor corresponding to each cylinder and a slide corresponding to each cylinder. Each slide carries its corresponding cy
6357354 Method and apparatus for fitting a printing plate to a plate cylinder March 19, 2002
A method and apparatus for fitting a printing plate to a plate cylinder where the printing plate is bent into a circular shape and fixed in this form by leading and trailing legs of the plate being firmly connected to each other. The printing plate shaped in this way is subsequently axia
6314882 Printing unit for a web-fed rotary printing machine November 13, 2001
A printing unit enabling format variability, is distinguished by substantial component standardization and simple stand design. For this purpose, printing unit cylinders are mounted in slides which are arranged on at least one carrier and which, for distance adjustment, can be displa
6095045 Device for filling depressions in a cylinder; doctor blade device for this purpose and process f August 1, 2000
A device for filling depressions in a cylinder of a printing machine with a fluid, e.g., an ink, which permits a quick change to a different fluid, includes at least two doctor blade devices arranged on the cylinder which doctor blade devices can be selectively moved individually into ef
6085650 Printing unit for a web-fed rotary printing machine July 11, 2000
A printing unit enabling format variability, is distinguished by substantial component standardization and simple stand design. For this purpose, printing unit cylinders are mounted in slides which are arranged on at least one carrier and which, for distance adjustment, can be displa
6070528 Process and device for gravure printing with an erasable gravure form June 6, 2000
Starting from a blank gravure form, a filling step and a subsequent imaging step are carried out to produce a printing form. In the filling step, depressions are evenly filled with a UV printing ink by an application device, and the UV printing ink is then solidified by a UV drier. In th
6041707 Web-fed rotary printing machine March 28, 2000
A web-fed rotary printing machine having a plurality of directly adjacent printing units. Each of the printing units has only one side wall, in which the printing group cylinders are float mounted. The printing units are arranged in-line with no working space between them.
5950537 Float-mounted printing-group cylinder September 14, 1999
Disclosed is an apparatus to insure the most even linear force possible in the contact zone across the breadth of cylinder bodies of apparatus positioned next to each other. The printing group cylinders are positioned and maintained via the disclosed arrangement in such a way that adjace
5832821 Driven cylinder November 10, 1998
In a compact drive for a float-mounted cylinder of a rotary printing machine, the spindle carrying the cylinder is housed together with a motor in a carrier tube mounted in the side wall.
5437442 Single or plural sheet folding apparatus for use with rotary printing presses August 1, 1995
In a folding apparatus that follows web-fed rotary printing presses, folded or unfolded sheets (9) are folded after the printed web has been severed. The folded or unfolded sheets (9) are delivered in parallel from a transport apparatus with a gripper chain or with storage cassettes and
5388816 Method and apparatus to open folded sheets or packages of sheets February 14, 1995
Folding and transport devices wherein the crease of a folded sheet (5) does not extend completely over the length of the fold so that an open loop is formed at one end of the crease. Fingers (25 to 28) can be laterally inserted into the open loop in order to be able to open the folded sh
5293698 System for temporarily storing printed products removed from a printing machine March 15, 1994
To provide for temporary storage of freshly printed signatures (6), transported by a continuously moving product transport gripper chain (4, 5), a plurality of pocket structures (12), each of which includes a plurality of connected sheet-like elements (16,17) which, between each othe
5195731 Method and apparatus for stacking folded products, especially newspapers, having longitudinal fo March 23, 1993
To form a stack of essentially uniform height of folded products, typically newspapers, in which each one of the folded products (1, 2) may include a plurality of sheet elements, such as newspaper sections, the folded products being formed, for example, with a longitudinal fold (3, 4) an
5165674 Folded sheet product opening and transfer system, and method of opening folded sheet products November 24, 1992
The folded products are not completely creased across their width in a folding apparatus but, rather, leaving an open loop or bulge or end portion (101). A separating cylinder (100) includes gripper or holding elements (38-41) located spirally about the circumference of the cylinder,
5129781 Apparatus for receiving, storing and processing printed products July 14, 1992
To transport, store, process and handle and distribute a plurality of printed products, retained in cassettes on a minimum of space, the cassettes are vertically stored, preferably in pairs. Transport can occur in a predetermined plane, of full and empty cassettes, respectively, the
5125304 Cutting system for cutting three sides of printed products, particularly folded printed products June 30, 1992
To trim a plurality of printed products, which may have different thicknesses, first and second cutting assemblies are provided, each cutting assembly having a cutting knife (98, 59) and a cutting counter element (115, 65). The printed products are held in receivers formed of a fixed
5110116 Apparatus to remove folded products, particularly folded newspaper products or newspaper section May 5, 1992
Folded products, supplied in dual-comb like interdigited form are transported by a transport chain system (75) carrying grippers (84, 85) in a vertical direction to form a vertical stack. Grippers engage alternate products about their fold line, and hold the interdigited intermediate
5042230 System, apparatus and method of packaging flat product, particularly folded printed products, in August 27, 1991
To provide for simultaneous wrapping or packaging of products, particularly flat, and especially folded printed products (1), in pockets, a foil or web (29) is pulled from a supply roll in a predetermined path over a plurality of cutter rails (23, 118) associated with pairs of holder
5031891 Method and system for selectively collating subjectively different printed copy products, partic July 16, 1991
To permit placement of selected copy products having different subject matter together in specifically collated copy product assemblies, for association of individualized copy product assemblies with delivery addresses in a specific sequence, for example specific to subscribers or di
4949948 Addressing system for products located in or on a plurality of storage holders particularly fold August 21, 1990
To permit essentially simultaneous application of a plurality of address labels provided on address fields (2) on an address carrier (6) formed as an elongated strip rolled up on an address roller (31), a plurality of products 59, typically folded newspapers, are provided, in parallel an
4948109 Method and system of assembling and addressing individualized composite printed products August 14, 1990
To permit preparation of inserts or special sections for newspapers, selected in accordance with individual subscriber, distributor or regional dealer wishes, inserts or sections (100,102) are selected in accordance with these wishes, under control of a computer-controller (112) and
4871159 Sheet insertion apparatus October 3, 1989
To insert a plurality of insert sheets (2') simultaneously into multi-sheet products (2), for example folded inserts into already folded newspapers, a first carrier structure (3,3') retains the multi-sheet products in essentially open V-shaped position. A second carrier structure, locate
4844432 Stapling apparatus for stapling folded sheet products July 4, 1989
To permit simultaneous stapling of a plurality of folded sheet products (3) in compact space, the sheet products are opened in V shaped formation by carrying them on zig-zag or accordion-pleat carrier elements (1, 1'). The folded elements are transported to stapling systems (8-13), in a
4844237 Adjustable storage cassette system for printed products July 4, 1989
To permit adjustment of the width of storage cassettes (1) adapted to hold sheet holding elements (2, 2'), while the cassettes are being moved along a transport path, the cassettes (1) formed of two facing L-shaped elements (1', 1") connected together by a central bolt-and-nut connection
4840365 Apparatus for receiving and transporting folded sheets or sheet packages June 20, 1989
To provide for a space-saving, yet high-capacity storage system for sheet elements, for example folded printed paper sheets or the like, a plurality of segments (6) are slidable along a guide track. The segments are interconnected, for example by welding, hinges or the like, in zig-zag o
4828242 Transport system for paired sheet elements May 9, 1989
To move a plurality of interconnected segments which a zig-zag, accordeon or bellows pleat arrangement on or between which sheet elements such as projecting elements from a folded sheet are located along a transport path and to permit, selectively, expansion or compression of the segment
4807865 Paper handling apparatus for receiving adjacently positioned paper sheets, transporting and depo February 28, 1989
To permit introduction of adjacently located sheet elements (20, 22), for example folded sheets (24), received from a folding flap cylinder (2), with the fold line or spine leading and with the sheet elements spread apart, a guide belt (13) has laterally projecting fingers (12) which
4775136 Sheet folding and transport system, particularly for printed paper copy sheets, and folded sheet October 4, 1988
To permit introduction of spreading fingers or insert sheet or sheet packages between essentially adjacent positioned sheet elements or halves (4a, 4b) of a folded sheet, the sheet is folded incompletely by extending a fold or spine or crease line or partly across the sheet while leaving
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