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Peart; Stephen
Los Gatos, CA
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
D365334 Integrated document scanner and keyboard December 19, 1995
D364065 Lumbar support cushion November 14, 1995
D362772 VDT corner unit adapter October 3, 1995
D348453 Keyboard with wrist pad July 5, 1994
D348452 Keypad July 5, 1994
D338665 Computer keyboard August 24, 1993
D335288 Computer keyboard May 4, 1993
D332447 Computer support stand January 12, 1993
D323477 All terrain bicycle frame January 28, 1992
D322867 Knee pad for wet suit December 31, 1991
D314974 Printer stand February 26, 1991
D308054 Video display for computer May 22, 1990
D308053 Video display for computer May 22, 1990
D304447 Housing for movable cursor control for a video display November 7, 1989
D303791 Computer housing October 3, 1989
D297346 Handgun cartridge catcher August 23, 1988
D295752 Modem May 17, 1988
D290716 Laser printer July 7, 1987
D290706 Monitor stand July 7, 1987
D289873 Flat panel display for personal computer May 19, 1987
D287967 Personal computer housing January 27, 1987
D286052 Printer housing October 7, 1986
D284008 Video display for use with a computer May 27, 1986
6352268 Snowboard with transitioning convex/concave curvature March 5, 2002
An elongate snowboard having a body which is characterized by a central region which, in transverse cross section is convex in relation to the way it faces a snow surface, first and second end regions each joining with opposite ends of the elongate central region and each of which, in
5716562 Method for making injection-molded, foamed, structual plastic, composite-material skateboard February 10, 1998
A unitary, monocoque, injection-molded skateboard (and method of making the same) which is characterized by an elongate composite body with a specific gravity in the range of about 0.75 to about 0.8, and including a foamed structural plastic mass having a distributed differentiated densi
5601264 Wrist rest February 11, 1997
A wrist rest is disclosed for use with a keyboard. The wrist rest includes a bladder for holding a fluid, a pump operatively connected to the bladder for selectively filling the bladder with fluid and a valve for selectively releasing fluid from the bladder. The bladder preferably includ
5551752 Lumbar support cushion for chairs September 3, 1996
Disclosed is a cushion for supporting the lumbar area of the back of a person while seated in a chair. The cushion is suitable for use with different types of chairs and is comprised of an elongated strip of flexible material that drapes over the chair back and has a weight on one en
5538272 Tunable snowboard July 23, 1996
A tunable snowboard having a base with perimetric edge tunability so that the controlling edge can be formed to meet the specific needs of the end user. The tunability is provided by a sheet of tunable material that covers some or all of the base. The amount of the base that is covered
5533742 All-terrain bicycle frame July 9, 1996
An injection molded, single-piece plastic bicycle frame which includes a generally upright stem, and a cantilever structure joined to and extending from opposite sides of the stem in a gently curving, downwardly facing reverse bend. The material forming the frame has a nonuniform interna
5456542 Adjustable data entry keyboard October 10, 1995
An integrated adjustable data entry keyboard. A divided keyboard arrangement comprises first key field and second key fields pivotably mounted upon a stationary base. The first and second key fields substantially comprise a keyboard arrangement. A space bar is separately attached to
5052053 Garment for aquatic activities having increased elasticity and method of making same October 1, 1991
An aquatic garment, such as a wet suit or dry suit formed of a water-impervious material having a thickness dimension sufficient to provide thermal insulation for a user during aquatic activities. The garment includes stretch areas having an array of grooves with a depth dimension su

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