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Patterson; Adam Vorn
Auckland, NZ
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7776924 Nitroaniline-based alkylating agents and their use as prodrugs August 17, 2010
Nitroaniline-based unsymmetrical mustards of the general formula (I) are provided, together with methods of preparation and methods for their use as prodrugs for gene-dependent enzyme prodrug therapy (GDEPT) and cell ablation therapy in conjunction with nitroreductase enzymes as hypoxia
7718688 Nitrobenzindoles and their use in cancer therapy May 18, 2010
The present invention relates generally to nitro-1,2-dihydro-3H-benzo[e]indoles and related analogues, to their preparation, and to their use as hypoxia-selective drugs and radiosensitizers for cancer therapy, both alone or in combination with radiation and/or other anticancer drugs.
7629332 Nitrophenyl mustard and nitrophenylaziridine alcohols and their corresponding phosphates and the December 8, 2009
The present invention relates to a novel nitrophenyl mustard and nitrophenylaziridine alcohols, to their corresponding phosphates, to their use as targeted cytotoxic agents; as bioreductive drugs in hypoxic tumors, and to their use in cell ablation, including gene-directed enzyme-pro

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