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Parker; Robert P.
Indianapolis, IN
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5005201 Apparatus and method thereof for improvement of stereophonic sound April 2, 1991
An apparatus and method for improvement of stereophonic sound. A source of stereophonic sound is provided with two internal loudspeakers and external access to the stereophonic signal. A "wall of sound" effect is achieved by coupling of the sterophonic signal to at least two external lou
4897624 Unitary capacitance trimmer January 30, 1990
Apparatus for adjusting capacitance between an electronic component and external circuitry. The electronic component is unitarily provided with a plurality of conductive leads for connection to external circuitry with at least one of the leads being configured to provide integral means f
4749889 Temperature compensation apparatus June 7, 1988
A so-called "V.sub.BE multiplier" circuit is used to temperature compensate a semiconductor device with respect to both short term self-heating effects and long term ambient temperature effects. The compensation circuit includes a transistor with a base, an emitter coupled to an oper
4716464 Single channel if for video and audio December 29, 1987
A stereo television receiver processes the picture and intercarrier sound carrier signals in a common intermediate frequency (IF) section. The IF characteristic is modified such that the overall transmission characteristic of the receiver exhibits a modified Nyquist slope having a sh
4639785 Non-saturating video output amplifier January 27, 1987
In a television receiver, a non-saturating kinescope driver amplifier arrangement includes an input current limiter circuit coupled between a source of video signal and a current responsive signal input of a feedback kinescope driver amplifier. The limiter circuit, e.g., including a diod
4536800 Additive pulse sampling circuit August 20, 1985
An input pulse having an amplitude to be sampled is coupled to a sampling amplifier via an input circuit including a capacitance. A switch couples a reference voltage to the capacitance during reference intervals preceding sampling intervals. The reference voltage is decoupled at the end
4484229 Automatic kinescope bias control system with selectively disabled signal processor November 20, 1984
A system for automatically controlling the bias of a kinescope in a television receiver comprises an input sampling amplifier, and an input clamping network including a clamp capacitor. A reference voltage developed on the clamp capacitor is applied to the input of the sampling ampli
4484228 Signal processing network for an automatic kinescope bias control system November 20, 1984
An automatic kinescope bias (AKB) control system includes a sampling amplifier which provides an output current for charging and discharging a storage capacitor in response to the amplitude of a derived pulse representative of the black current level conducted by the kinescope of a t
4484226 Automatic kinescope bias control system compensated for kinescope electron gun conduction dissim November 20, 1984
A color television receiver includes plural automatic kinescope bias (AKB) control systems respectively associated with plural electron guns of a kinescope which may exhibit mutually dissimilar electron gun conduction characteristics. Each AKB system includes circuit for deriving a signa
4463385 Kinescope black level current sensing apparatus July 31, 1984
In a television receiver including an automatic kinescope bias (AKB) control system, a kinescope cathode is driven by a video output amplifier. A feedback network is provided from the output to the input of the amplifier. A sensing resistor is included in the main current conduction
4432016 Translating circuit for television receiver on-screen graphics display signals February 14, 1984
A DC coupled signal translating circuit for supplying auxiliary graphics information switching signals to a video signal processor. The switching signal comprises plural switching levels including a quiescent level. The translating circuit includes first and second complementary conducti
4386369 Compensated clamping circuit in a video signal peaking system May 31, 1983
A television receiver includes means for generating a peaking component which is combined with a video signal to produce a peaked video signal, and a control circuit responsive to the peaked video signal during prescribed control intervals for automatically controlling a reference le
4376288 Signal gain control with DC compensation March 8, 1983
The DC output level of a video signal amplifier is compensated to remain constant as the amplifier is gain controlled in response to a gain control voltage supplied from a gain control circuit which also supplies a DC compensation voltage to the amplifier. The DC compensation is preserve
4331982 Sample and hold circuit particularly for small signals May 25, 1982
A signal sampling circuit comprising a signal inverting amplifier with a gain greater than unity, an input clamp network including a feedback switch, and an output sampling network including a charge storage device and a sampling switch is disclosed. The amplifier input to which signals
4331981 Linear high gain sampling amplifier May 25, 1982
A signal sampling circuit comprising a switch network coupled to a transconductance amplifier for providing output currents proportional to input voltage, an input clamp network, and a charge storage device is disclosed. The amplifier signal input is clamped to a reference potential
4276566 Circuit for inhibiting radio frequency interference in a television receiver June 30, 1981
In a television receiver comprising a video output stage for supplying amplified image representative video signals to a color kinescope, a signal clipping network is included for inhibiting video signal amplitude transitions otherwise capable of inducing radio frequency interference
4207591 Gated automatic beam current limiter in a video signal processing system June 10, 1980
In a video signal processing system including a clamp for clamping the video signal to a reference level during periodic image blanking intervals of the video signal, and a kinescope for reproducing an image in response to the clamped video signal, apparatus for automatically limiting
4198652 D.C. Gain controlled amplifier April 15, 1980
A D.C. gain controlled differential amplifier exhibiting balanced operation and a linear gain control response. The amplifier includes input and output emitter coupled transistors and a current source transistor. Input signals are supplied to the base of the input transistor, and a negat
4110787 Combined blanking level and kinescope bias clamp for a television signal processing system August 29, 1978
In a video signal processing system including a kinescope for reproducing an image in response to an image representative video signal, a circuit for clamping a periodic blanking level of the video signal to establish a black level for a reproduced image. A clamping device clamps the vid

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