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Ozawa; Tetsuya
Matsumoto, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7011260 Raw garbage treatment apparatus and a cutter thereof March 14, 2006
A raw garbage treatment apparatus including a treatment tank 10, a rotating shaft 32 which rises in an upright attitude from the center of the bottom of the treatment tank, a motor 36 which rotates the rotating shaft from beneath the treatment tank, a plurality of rotating blades 58
6212776 Electric shaver April 10, 2001
An electric shaver having one pair or a plurality of pairs of inner and outer cutting members so that the inner cutting member and outer cutting member are rotated by a single drive source in the same direction or opposite directions relative to each other.
5564191 Electric shaver October 15, 1996
An electric shaver having a shaving head which can pivot and be depressed into the housing of the shaver. The shaving head is mounted on pivot shafts that can be moved toward the inside of the shaver housing, thus allowing the shaving head to be pressed into the housing but bounce back

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