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Oyama; Naohisa
Okazaki, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
8119988 Collection-amount detection method for particulate matters and collection-amount detection appar February 21, 2012
A filter 2 for collecting PMs, a microwave transmitter 30 for emitting electromagnetic waves whose frequency is dozens of GHz-a few of THz onto the filter 2, a microwave receiver 31 for detecting an intensity of the electromagnetic waves that have transmitted through the filter 2, and a
6739177 Combustible-gas sensor, diagnostic device for intake-oxygen concentration sensor, and air-fuel r May 25, 2004
Correction of a fuel injection amount in an internal combustion engine during purge of evaporative fuel is performed on the basis of an output from an intake-oxygen concentration sensor disposed in an intake passage of the internal combustion engine. If the amplitude of fluctuations in
6729128 Emission control apparatus and emission control method May 4, 2004
Carbon-containing suspended particulates in exhaust gas from an internal combustion engine are collected by a heat-resistant filter, and are burned on the filter. It is determined whether there is a need to increase the temperature of the heat-resistant filter. If it is necessary to incr
6725651 Reducing agent for emission control system, reducing-agent supply device, and emission control s April 27, 2004
A reducing agent for use in an internal combustion engine is a mixture of an ammonia-derived solid reducing material and a water-insoluble liquid in which the solid reducing agent is immersed. A reducing-agent supply device is provided for supplying a denitration catalyst with the reduci
5676881 Antiferroelectric liquid crystal composition October 14, 1997
Antiferroelectric liquid crystals represented by the following formula (1) and (2). ##STR1## In the formula (1), each of m and n is an integer satisfying 6.ltoreq.m.ltoreq.14 and 2.ltoreq.n.ltoreq.10, and each of Z.sub.1, Z.sub.2 and Z.sub.3 is independently a substituent selecte

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