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Okamoto; Kunio
Okazaki, JP
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7670700 Fuel cell system, related method and current measuring device for fuel cell system March 2, 2010
A fuel cell system, control method and current measuring device for a power unit are disclosed. The fuel cell system includes a fuel cell having local areas, a current measuring device associated with at least one of the local areas to measure localized current related to a specified
7604885 Fuel cell system with partial heating of each individual fuel cell October 20, 2009
A fuel cell system includes a fuel cell constructed by plural stacked cells, a circulation path through which a thermal medium is circulated into each cell, a heater for heating the thermal medium, a bypass path through which the thermal medium is circulated into a part of each cell
7416806 Fuel cell system for an automotive vehicle August 26, 2008
A fuel cell system includes a windshield washer container 1 storing windshield washer fluid, a permeable membrane unit 2 provided inside the windshield washer container 1, and a fuel cell 11. The permeable membrane unit 2 has the capability of extracting methanol from the windshield
7189572 Method for measuring water content of fuel cell based on conductivity of electrolyte March 13, 2007
A measuring method first calculates the conductivity of an electrolyte membrane based on measured output voltage and output current of a fuel cell. The water content of an oxidant channel as an index of present water content (PWC) of the fuel cell is calculated based on the calculate
7179556 Fuel cell system February 20, 2007
A fuel cell system includes a fuel cell constructed by plural stacked cells, a circulation path through which a thermal medium is circulated into each cell, a heater for heating the thermal medium, a bypass path through which the thermal medium is circulated into a part of each cell
7179555 Fuel cell system February 20, 2007
In a fuel cell system, a fuel cell includes plural stacked cells, a circulation passage for circulating a thermal medium to the fuel cell. The fuel cell has therein a plurality of thermal medium passages through which the thermal medium flows, and the thermal medium passages are prov
6790550 Water control for a fuel cell system September 14, 2004
A fuel cell system includes a heat-generation amount detection device for detecting a heat generation amount in a fuel cell, and an evaporation amount controller for controlling an evaporation amount of water in the fuel cell based on the detected heat generation amount. The heat gen
6569552 Fuel cell system including fuel cell for generating electric energy by chemical reaction between May 27, 2003
A fuel cell system includes a fuel cell (FC stack), an inflow passage valve provided in a hydrogen inflow passage through which hydrogen is supplied to the FC stack, and a discharge passage valve provided in a hydrogen discharge passage through which hydrogen containing gas is discharged
5297988 Fragrance supplying apparatus for vehicle March 29, 1994
A fragrance supplying apparatus for a vehicle for supplying an interior of an air-conditioning duct of the vehicle with a fragrance or deodrant so that the fragrance or deodrant is carried by a flow of air from a blower of the air-conditioning system into the cabin of the vehicle, the
5238899 Active carbon for deodorization and process for preparation thereof August 24, 1993
Disclosed is an active carbon for deodorization, which comprises a deodorizing functional group fixed to a graphitic six-membered ring on the surface of the active carbon, through a silanol bond.
4831011 Carbon-based adsorbent and process for production thereof May 16, 1989
A carbon-based adsorbent comprising active carbon provided with electron-donative surface functional groups which are bonded directly and chemically to graphite constructing the surface of the active carbon and are coordinated with metallic ions to form chelate structures, which has
4494597 Ventilating device for automotive vehicle January 22, 1985
A ventilating device for an automotive vehicle mounted in a rear portion of the vehicle comprises an atmospheric air passageway for introducing atmospheric air from the outside of the vehicle into a vehicle compartment, and an internal air passageway provided in a manner to cross the
4489603 Moisture sensitive element December 25, 1984
A moisture sensitive element including a sheet made from a mixture of electrically insulating fibers having the property to expand upon adsorbing the moisture (e.g., cellulose fiber) and electroconductive fibers (e.g., activated carbon fiber). The moisture sensitive element is capabl
4484938 Total heat exchanger November 27, 1984
A total heat exchanger for exchanging both heat and humidity is made, using partition plates of a laminate of a carbon-fiber-based paperlike material and a hydrophilic material, resulting in improving the humidity exchange ability while both the permeability and the heat conductivity are
4476236 Method for producing a cordierite body October 9, 1984
A method for producing a cordierite body having no anisotropic property in coefficient of thermal expansion comprises the steps of preparing a raw material containing kaolin mineral and talc as main ingredients, and preformed cordierite particles formed from the raw material, mixing and
4460388 Total heat exchanger July 17, 1984
A heat exchanger comprises an elongated plate folded in corrugated fashion and defining a stack of a number of laminated air passages defined by spacer parallel plane heat transfer faces or plates connected alternately along opposite side edges by narrow partition plates. In alternate ai
4454849 Canister for internal combustion engine June 19, 1984
A canister to be used in the fuel supplying system of an internal combustion engine of a vehicle, is disclosed. The canister is provided with a fuel vapors guiding pipe for guiding the fuel vapors from a fuel vapors inlet port into a bed of adsorbent material accomodated within a hou
4451517 Ceramic honeycomb catalyst support coated with activated alumina May 29, 1984
A catalyst support provided with an activated alumina layer which is formed on the surface of the ceramic honeycomb structure is disclosed. The catalyst support of the present invention is formed of ceramic such as cordierite, of which coefficient of thermal expansion is lower than a
4412425 Air conditioning and ventilation system November 1, 1983
An air conditioning and ventilation system for a motorcar has an outdoor air passage for introducing fresh outdoor air into the passenger room and another passage for guiding room air to the atmosphere. The two passages intersect at a point where a heat exchanger is provided for exchangi
4386947 Apparatus for adsorbing fuel vapor June 7, 1983
An apparatus for adsorbing fuel vapor having a fuel vapor inlet communicating to a fuel tank, a mixed gas outlet communicating to the intake passage of an internal combustion engine, a desorbent air inlet communicating to the atmospheric air and an adsorbent for adsorbing the fuel va
4385129 Method for producing a cordierite body May 24, 1983
A method for producing a cordierite body having isotropic coefficient of thermal expansion comprises the steps of preparing a batch by mixing and kneading particles of fired talc, alumina supplying substance such as alumina and aluminum hydroxide, and silica supplying substance such as
4377400 Heat exchanger March 22, 1983
A heat exchanger for use in a ventilation system to exchange both of actual heat and latent heat between outgoing room air and incoming fresh air has a laminated structure formed by flat partition plates and corrugated spacer plates each sandwiched between an adjacent pair of the partiti

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