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Ohno; Kazuki
Tokyo, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
6400623 Semiconductor memory having parallel test mode June 4, 2002
A semiconductor memory (200) having a plurality of banks (10 and 20) of memory cells in which a parallel test operation can allow bits from each bank to be tested in parallel. According to one embodiment, the semiconductor memory may include a data amplifier (30) having a selection c
6337598 Reference voltage generating device and generating method of the same January 8, 2002
A reference voltage generating device and method enables dissipation current to be reduced at the time of normal operation. An oscillator outputs a voltage of a low level intermittently during a prescribed time interval. An operational amplifier operates only when an output voltage of
6147549 Reference voltage generating circuit of generating a plurality of reference voltages November 14, 2000
A reference voltage generating circuit comprises a differential amplifier having a first input connected to receive a constant voltage and a second input connected through a voltage feedback path to an output of the differential amplifier so as to receive a voltage in proportion to an a
6104664 Memory address generator circuit and semiconductor memory device August 15, 2000
A semiconductor storage device (1100) having a burst mode capability for accomplishing a rapid read/write operation is disclosed. Included is a memory address generator circuit (100) having an address counter (102) which latches and increments the n least significant bits of a start
6073219 Semiconductor memory device with high speed read-modify-write function June 6, 2000
The present invention provides a synchronous semiconductor memory device, from which data are read out, and to which the data are written after having been modified and corrected, which comprises a read data bus for transmitting said read data and a write data bus for transmitting said
5704059 Method of write to graphic memory where memory cells designated by plurality of addresses select December 30, 1997
In a method of write to a graphic memory where memory cells designated by a plurality of addresses selected simultaneously for one ROW address, the present method of write includes a first step of dividing the area corresponding to the column addresses designated by one row address of a
5654934 Semiconductor memory employing a block-write system August 5, 1997
A semiconductor memory comprises a memory cell array having bit line pairs, a pair of I/O lines, column switches connected between the pair of I/O lines and an associated one of the bit line pairs, a timing signal generator generating a timing signal, an address latch circuit latching an
5255226 Semiconductor memory device with a redundancy circuit bypassing failed memory cells October 19, 1993
In a redundancy circuit, there is provided a data-transfer path switching circuit for switching on path-switching signals paths on which data is transferred from the data-storage places of the write shift register through the memory cell array to the data-storage place. Path switching

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