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Ogawa; Yoshimitsu
Sayama, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7867368 Plating apparatus January 11, 2011
A plating apparatus has a tubular electrode (16) placed in a hollow section (12) of work (11). The tubular electrode (16) has a through-hole (16a) formed in the longitudinal direction. A circular tube-like gap (S1) in which a plating liquid (17) flows is formed between the tubular el
7785425 Method for passivating stainless steel product and method for producing stainless steel separato August 31, 2010
By a press-formed starting member (11) being immersed in a process liquid (12) at 40 to C. and of pH 9 to 12, a passive film (26) is formed at the surface of the press-formed starting member. There is no solving out of metal ions from the press-formed starting member, and the
7022419 Composite plating film and a process for forming the same April 4, 2006
A composite nickel and copper alloy plating film (3) containing nickel and copper. Nickel is of high wear resistance and a nickel alloy improves the wear resistance of the film. Copper is of high resistance of the film. The film may further contain self-lubricating particles and hard
6086731 Composite plating apparatus July 11, 2000
A composite plating apparatus includes a cylindrical electrode which is positioned in a hollow section of a workpiece with a surrounding gap left therebetween. A plurality of through-holes are formed across the thickness of an outer wall of the cylindrical electrode. Composite plating li

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