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Nytomt; Jan
Amal, SE
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Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
5676113 Method for ignition timing control in combustion engines October 14, 1997
An improved method applied in combustion engines which use the ionization current in the combustion chamber in order to extract a parameter representative of the pressure in the cylinder, which parameter is used for controlling the ignition timing within an extended range for the load-
5653209 Method and system for an adaptive fuel control in two-stroke engines August 5, 1997
A method and system for adaptive correction of the amount of fuel supplied in two-stroke combustion engines which during a continuous operation period regulates the air-fuel mixture regulated by increments in the lean direction (.DELTA.F.sup.-) or in the rich direction (.DELTA.F.sup.+),
5600956 Arrangement and method for regulation of the idle speed and charge pressure in a supercharged co February 11, 1997
An arrangement and method for regulation of idle speed and charge pressure in a supercharged combustion engine (1) which engine includes an idle speed valve (20) arranged in a shunt channel (21) by-passing the throttle (9) and a gate valve (10) regulated by a pressure controlled diaphrag
4907562 Method for achieving an elevated charge of an ignition capacitor in a capacitive type ignition s March 13, 1990
The invention relates to a method for achieving elevated charging of an ignition capacitor in a capacitive type ignition system for internal combustion engines. When starting a cold engine or when starting the engine under other conditions in which the battery capacity is low, activa
4648367 Method and apparatus for detecting ion current in an internal combustion engine ignition system March 10, 1987
The invention relates to a method for detecting ion current in an ignition circuit included in the ignition system of an internal combustion engine, where a measuring voltage is applied to the ignition circuit and a measuring device is utilized for detecting ion current possibly present

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