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Nozawa; Masaei
Okazaki, JP
No. of patents:

Patent Number Title Of Patent Date Issued
7721711 Engine control system including means for learning characteristics of individual fuel injectors May 25, 2010
An engine control system includes an fuel injector for each cylinder of the engine, an air-fuel ratio sensor disposed in an exhaust manifold and an electronic control unit to which signals from various sensors are fed. Operation of the engine is controlled by the electronic control unit.
7487035 Cylinder abnormality diagnosis unit of internal combustion engine and controller of internal com February 3, 2009
It is determined whether an engine operating state is within a specified operating range. When the engine operating state is within the specified operating range, the air-fuel ratio of an i-th cylinder is estimated based on the detection value of the air-fuel ratio sensor, and a cylinder
6513319 Catalyst activation control system for engines February 4, 2003
An engine has variable timing mechanisms, which are controlled in starting an engine to set valve opening overlap of an intake valve and an exhaust valve around CA. In this case, internal EGR is actively conducted and fuel burning velocity within a cylinder becomes relatively
6266957 Catalyst activation control system for engines July 31, 2001
An engine variable valve timing mechanism is controlled during engine starting to set valve opening overlap of intake and exhaust valves around CA. In this case, internal EGR is actively conducted, fuel burning velocity within a cylinder becomes relatively slow and unburned
6095437 Air-assisted type fuel injector for engines August 1, 2000
A fuel injector comprises an injector body and an air assisting adapter. The adapter is attached to the injector body and has a fuel passage for guiding spray of injected fuel. The fuel passage is divided into two directions. A plurality of air introduction holes are communicated with
6062201 Fuel injection control for internal combustion engine May 16, 2000
A fuel injection control system for an engine enhances efficiency for charging suctioned air into a cylinder stabilizes a fuel combustion state. An engine intake pipe is provided with an air-assisted injector. Fuel injected by the injector flows into a combustion chamber within the c
6032652 Fuel injection system having variable fuel atomization control March 7, 2000
An air-assisted type injector injects a fuel into an intake port toward the face part of an intake valve, and its injection port has multiple holes to atomize the injected fuel into a predetermined fuel particle diameter (e.g., SMD=about 50 microns). An air feed pump supplies pressurized
5548393 Oil deterioration detection apparatus and apparatus for detecting particles in liquid August 20, 1996
An apparatus for detecting the concentration of particles in a liquid includes a light-emitting portion for emitting examination light which is totally reflected-by a boundary surface contiguous to the liquid to be examined, a photosensor for receiving the totally-reflected light, a
5523692 Oil deterioration detector June 4, 1996
An oil deterioration detector comprising a sensitive electrode whose electric potential varies in response to acidity and/or basicity of oil to be measured, and a reference electrode associated with this sensitive electrode. An electrically conductive housing accommodates the sensitive
5067455 Method and apparatus for adding additives to lubricating oil November 26, 1991
Additive is supplied to the lubricating oil by an additive supplying pump according to TBN of the lubricating oil which is detected by a TBN sensor which detects the current produced by the impressed voltage. TBN is kept between 0 and 2.
4898462 Device for detecting a transmissivity of a substance February 6, 1990
A device for detecting a transmissivity of a substance utilizing a transmitted light value, which comprises a light emitting element and a photo detecting element. The light emitting element and the photo detecting element are spaced from each other at a predetermined distance so tha

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